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Did I mention I’m a lover of poetry? I find that it best expresses my love of God and helps me find my way through difficult places. My book, Broken and Spilled Out is my collection of poetry and prayers for the hurting soul. Besides chronicling my own insights, my readers can also journal and record insights of their own. You can get your copy here.

Should you simply need some encouragement, I invite you to meet me over at my blog Heart Thoughts.

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Oh The Wondrousness of God!

“Listen to this, O Job;
Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God.”
Job 37:14

Does the vastness of the stars or the oceans make you feel as small as they do me? It’s like standing at the edge of the ocean and staring out at the ever expanding sea wondering, why in the world God would ever even think of me compared to all this glory?

And I know I’m not alone in these thoughts. Job seemed just as amazed in wonderment of it all.
In Job’s distress he ventured to tell His God how small he felt. And in reply, God asked Him all kinds of questions like…

Did you form the world? Can you make it do this and that? Did you create the animals? (Job 37-42).

Of course Job had to say no. But he also realized in those moments, God doesn’t do anything small. Everything God does is for a purpose whether we see that purpose or not.

Sometimes we’re so intent on finding the forest, we miss the trees. We are so consumed with our despair or circumstances, we miss what God is doing in that moment.

But, how DO we see what He is doing? Where do we look? What do we do?

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Come, Follow Me

We wonder what’s the use to even try. Let others be the courageous lights because bravery and courage are just too high a price.

Jesus calls us out and says, “Don’t worry about what they think. Don’t be afraid. They hate me and take their hate for Me out on you. Follow Me. I will make you fishers of men. But you must do as I command of you. Obey Me. Seek Me with your whole heart and I will give you the desires of your heart.”

In this, we can relax and exhale.

Because Jesus yoke is easy and His burdens light.

We can be a city of light on a hill. Burning bright for all to see. A beacon of hope.

We just have to do as He asks:

“Come. Follow Me.”

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To Inifinity & Beyond ~ How God Never Fades Away

I have an abundance of wonderful memories I hope I never forget. Family, friends, outings like camping and traveling or marching band in high school.

It can be such a sad part of life when our memories begin to fade and our minds become a bit fuzzier. Even sadder when our loved ones succumb to dementia or Alzheimers disease.

But here’s the really great news! Are you ready? God’s Word never fades away. God himself never will go away. In fact, before the stars were ever put in the sky, God was there. When the world was void and still incomplete, God was there. And when this world fades away, yep, God will be there too.

There has never been, and never will be, a time when God has not been.

Kind of mind blowing. Isn’t it? I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty big adult dose of reality.

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Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and

he will establish your plans.

Proverbs 16:3 (NIV)

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