I’m Marcie Bridges, Writer & Editor

It’s such a pleasure to have you visiting my site today. Thank you. It is my utmost desire to share with you from God’s Word and to encourage you in your walk with God. This is why I created my blog, Heart Thoughts. I have been walking with Jesus since a young girl and even though there have been many times of trouble and heartache along the way, I can say without a doubt I have loved being a child of God.

I am married to a wonderful man, Mark, and we have two daughters who are growing into beautiful women of God.


Another way I enjoy encouraging others is in their writing careers. I’ve dreamed those God-sized dreams and with God’s help I was able to accomplish them. And YOU CAN TOO!  I know how hard it is to put your words out into the world. I know the fear of wondering if those who read our words will be accepted or rejected. Perhaps today you are struggling with whether or not to send your story or poem into a contest. Or, maybe you feel like you are ready for publication but you don’t know if your work is ready. What if you could have help getting your manuscript polished up giving you the courage to approach an agent or a publisher? I work with non-fiction and fiction. I also will help poets find their voice and give their poetry a place to speak. I would be honored to speak with you. Please visit my Editorial Services page where you can find more information about how to bridge that gap between you and your dream of being published.



Heart Thoughts

Heart Thoughts was a two to four page newsletter I used to put together in my own home once a month for family and friends. It included poetry (by myself and other authors I liked), little quotes and sayings and general encouragement. Usually it was based on a theme for the month, especially if the month included a holiday. It was just a fun, colorful little paper I liked to send out each month that I hoped was enjoyable to read. I love to make people smile, laugh, and feel good as well as give them hope in their lives and hearts through God.

After several years of sending out about 40 of them a month using my own printer, paper, envelopes and stamps I decided I needed a break from it. It could be time consuming and expensive for me and with little toddlers in the home I made the difficult decision to break from it, intending to start it up again one day. I was also hoping to expand it into more of a magazine but that hasn’t come to pass yet. In the years since I went back to college to work on an English degree and that consumes a majority of my time after caring for my husband and children.

Of course in that time the Internet has become such a major area of our lives that it seemed only natural to start my adventure with Heart Thoughts back up as a blog. So in 2009 I created the Heart Thoughts blog to pick up where I had left off. Maybe one day I will be editor of a publishing company or a magazine, but for now I’m content to branch out with my writing career through this little blog that I hope encourages you and maybe even gives you some food for thought from time to time.

I began writing poetry at about 10 years of age. Since then it has become one of my greatest passions in life and I am very honored that God has given me a place to share it with you. I pray with every post that those who come and read it will be encouraged and walk away feeling refreshed in their spirit.

Some of my poetry has been published in anthologies and literary magazines. The overall message I hope to leave with you is that we will learn together how to fix our eyes on Jesus so we can walk in the fullness of His grace, power and love.


~Marcie Bridges
Psalm 32:7

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