Are You Ready?


Are you ready for Christmas?

What does this mean?

Am I ready with presents

or decorations to be seen?

Am I ready to cook

all the food and the sweets?

Am I ready to host

my dear friends and family?

What exactly, are you asking of me?


I’m never ever truly ready

to share and to serve

I could buy all the gifts and still

never be absolutely sure—

will everyone be satisfied

will they love what they get?—

so here’s what I think you really meant…


I’m ready to celebrate the spirit of Christmas

to love all it is (even Santa!)

I’ve made room in my heart

there’s a space in my soul

inviting in Jesus, the One all this is for.


Yes, I’m ready for Jesus

and I pray one thing more

you, too, will be ready

Jesus Christ our Savior to adore.


~Marcie Bridges

©20 December 2021


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