Simple Thanks

Simple Thanks

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. 1 Chronicles 16:34

I’ve been working on my new poetry book, Gatherings of a Grateful Heart. For five years I have been writing a poem a day during the month of November. I call it “30 Days of Thanksgiving”. Each day is a poem about thanksgiving in some way. Sometimes it is not as evident in the words where the thanksgiving is, but it is there.

This week, I cannot seem to pick just one poem to share. Here’s a sample of six of the poems in my book.

I hope they encourage you and help you find ways to give thanks to the Lord this week.

Hope In God

Hope In God

I LOVE how the Psalmist encourages us to go to God in our times of distress. This afternoon I pulled out my iPad, opened the Bible app, searching for something to give me a little light. A little hope.

Ever have God touch the Bible for you and open it just where you need it? Oh how sweet His grace was as He said, “Open to Psalm 42.”

“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.”

Did you see it too?

Raindrops Refrain

Raindrops Refrain

I stood up against my car in the carport, eyes closed, listening to the rain as it came down in a soft, gentle lullaby.

Delightful and refreshing, I found peace within my soul.

I recently read, if we stand outside for 20 minutes (or longer), it lowers blood pressure, relaxes the body, and brings calm.

Well, I don’t know about hot, sticky summer days. But this sudden rain shower sure did refresh my spirit.

Living Beautifully Broken

Living Beautifully Broken

Tears streamed down Marcell’s face as taunts echoed through her mind. Sticks and stones do break bones but … words, WORDS … oh how they CAN hurt! Sure, she had the wherewithal to look at the mockers and tell them “four eyes are better than two” and laugh right along with them. But in private, those words hurt.

Marcell kept staring at those glasses and the anger built up until she threw them down as hard as she could. As they tumbled to the ground, they broke. Clean through, right down the middle.

Marcell’s heart felt just as broken that day.

Bright and Beautiful

Bright and Beautiful

A few weeks ago I was taking a stroll through a poetry book and came across one of my all time favorite poems. I loved the memories it evoked within me, learning and reciting it as a child. So, instead of sharing one of my own poems, I thought how lovely it would be to share this one with you.

Because, right now, we all need a little reminding of All Things Bright and Beautiful, and how God does (and has made) all things well.

Read slowly. Savor each line. Feel you lips curve into a smile as you inhale the scent of nature.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

We all know this line by heart. The wicked stepmother/queen gazes into an ornate mirror asking it to search high and low in her kingdom for the whom the most beautiful person is among them.

While we know this to be her vanity speaking, do we realize she is seeking someone or something outside of herself, to give her validation? She wants to be told she is the most beautiful of all creatures and peoples of the land. She, the queen, the one who holds all the cards in her hands so to speak, still isn’t happy. She wants more. She wants it all.

And I wonder ... how often do we do the same thing in our life? How often do we look to others or our possessions, our jobs, our degrees, or whatever else, to give us validation in life?

Kisses From Heaven

Kisses From Heaven

It’s been a difficult weekend. At first, I wasn’t really impacted by the news I received on Friday, but little by little, it grew on me. By Monday, I had no peace of mind or soul.

I’m not used to being an anxious person. I am not by nature a worrier. So, I became more and more frustrated the longer I tried to deal with my emotions.

Knowing my God is a good God, a loving God, I knew in my heart if I just asked Him, He would provide whatever I needed to overcome these feelings of fear and discontent.

I buried my face in my hands and cried out to God for help.

A Little Birdie in a Tree

A Little Birdie in a Tree

A storm blew in fast and hard. Thunder shook our house, rain cascaded down in heavy sheets. It was a wicked storm, full of fury, lasting almost an hour.

But shortly after its passing I heard a sweet song. The song of a bird outside in our tree. And it made me wonder...

Dear little birdie
where do you go
When the lightning strikes
and thunder rolls?
Do you hide in your nest
do you fly far away
what do you do
when the storms rage?

Squandering My Life Away

Squandering My Life Away

Today I tried to do my day without having a quiet time. I got up later than I wanted/meant to and decided I would spend time with Jesus later.

Nothing went right from the get-go.

I think the key to making each day count is making sure Jesus is our first love. Making sure we are seeking Him and putting God first in our lives.


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