Please, could we talk a minute

Just for a minute please?

It is not that important, no, not really

I’d just like some company.

How are you?

Good, I’m fine too.

Anyway, what is new?

Nothing really

I just wanted to say

“Hello, how are you, how was your day?”

And then be on my way.

Not much conversation

It’s just the idea

I like being around you

Even if it’s just for a minute.

Thanks for your time

It means much to me

Oh, I have to go now…

Until next we meet.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©15, July 1993
As you
can see I wrote this poem many years ago. I called a friend but she said she
couldn’t talk and asked if it was important. I told her no, that I was just
bored and wanted to talk to someone. She suggested I write a poem about it. 
Friend, God just wants to spend time with you. You are His child and He longs
to have time just with you. Even if it is just for a minute or two and, even if
it isn’t about “the important” things in life. He so longs hear you speak His
name and to hear your voice. Of course, He never says good-bye to us and He
never leaves us. He is always waiting for us to meet Him right where we are.
Anywhere, anytime.  So…how about it?
He’s waiting with open arms and a ready ear whispering your name…come.

James 4:8a:   “Draw near to God,
and he will draw near to you.”

© Marcie Bridges, Heart Thoughts, 2013
  picture of Lake by

© Bridgescreations, 2011

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