Christmas Eve, Eve


’Twas two nights before Christmas

and to my utter ire

I’m still decorating and

cleaning up all the piles.

There’s been no time to waste

no time to sit still

I must get it all done

Christmas is almost here.

But I refuse to give in

allow my mood to be grim

instead I choose to embrace

the essence of Christmas grace.

The first Christmas ever

was as simple as can be

just Mary and Joseph

and a tiny little baby.

So, in case your Christmas

isn’t as delightful as you’d like

maybe it’s time to simplify.

Give of your heart, your soul, your mind

to the Spirit of Christmastime.

Don’t worry if your day isn’t perfect

don’t worry if you didn’t get everything

the most important part of this day

is to give of yourself in a most special way.

Whatever is in your heart to do

do it with all your might

with love through and through.

May your Christmas be filled

with love, joy, and peace

as you draw close to your Savior

this quiet Christmas Eve.


~Marcie Bridges

©23 December 2021


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