This semester in college I have a Creative Writing class. Each week we are asked to submit a poem, story or play to the class for them to critique. This is week one and I am pondering which poem to submit first. Here are my top 3 choices. Do me a favor please? Read each one and tell me which one you like the best for my first critique.


I just want to listen to the falling rain as it pelts against my window.
I just want to drown in a book that takes me to somewhere else.
I just want to snuggle up in a warm, cozy blanket drinking hot cocoa.
I just want to savor this moment, this quiet, this calm.
The noise around me blares against my ear drums
It squelches all thought and ponderings that could be.
I hate it for it goes on and on and there is no ignoring it
The chaos about me seems to think it is free to make havoc upon my soul.
For even in the stillest silence it is not complete.
And now I sit. Waiting. Listening. Intently.
There it is. Can you hear it? Can you feel it?
Come, join me, and listen.
Listen to the rain as it beats down upon the roof.
Read and go to a land far away.
Snuggle in a warmth that melts your heart.
Savor the moment. It won’t last forever.

– – Marcell Warner Bridges
©8, December 2009


Two ships passing in the night
one with heavy burden
other steadily sailing
as they pass they blow their horns
and continue on their journey.

Two ships passing in the night
one of solemn height
one of lonely sail and plight
they blow their horns
and continue on their journey.

Two ships passing in the night
two who know what the other carries
they keep saying they will stop sometime
and not pass on.

Two ships passing in the night
decide to stop and sit a spell
as waves crash upon their decks
they speak of all their journey’s do entail
then continue on their journey.

Two ships passing in the night
one with burdens light
one with peace because it found
a friend amidst the storms of life.
To share, to meet perhaps awhile
instead of sailing on and on
instead of passing in the night
with a short wave of hand or blow of horn.

– – Marcell Warner Bridges
©10, November 2009


The wind whispered in my ear
I heard it plain and very clear
trees swayed as if they declared

The clouds darkened, the air so stiff
thunder rumbled overhead
my throat closed up tight as if
I’d truly heard the word they said

“Who is there? Where are you at?
Who’s speaking to me?”
I had to ask
but all I heard was

Down on my knees I fell at last
the grit and dirt prodded on the path
Once again

As if something had reached out
my head began to lift
staring straight in front of me
there in the path it stood.
The stump chest high
with little branches reaching for the sky
was flat and smooth upon the top
it called to me

On legs that shook I stood at last
heart beat jumping out of my chest
curious of the book upon the stump lay
once again I hear it say

There I was in front of it
looking down, could not catch my breath
the book so new, shiny and clean
within the sudden silence
beckons to me

My hand reached out unattached seemingly
turning pages for me to read
the words spoke as if they lived and breathed
tears from my eyes began to stream
I couldn’t stop even if I’d wanted
the words captured deep into my soul
longing and desire my new companion on the road.

Picking up this book I found
I couldn’t nor desired to put it down
it held all of my secrets yet all of my needs
was just like someone walking with me
and I think there is because I believe
there are just some things your heart can see.

The road is long, sometimes the path steep
there will be times when the way is heaped
with sadness, despair, or even joyous glee
but one day you’ll hear the book as it pleas

Why do you wait? Why do you linger?
What scares you the most
Or do you sense danger?
It’s scary I know, I freely admit
But I guarantee you it is worth it in the end.
You might have to crawl before you can walk
Go slowly at first there’s no rush at all.
Once you get started it is simple, it’s easy
Just read one page at a time
And I know you will find
Your journey and mine
Has been worth every fall
Listen to the call

Marcell Warner Bridges
©20, February 2009

OK, there they are! Which one do YOU think I should submit first?

Thank you!
Marcie 🙂

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