Dear Christmas,


I’ve been waiting for you

to arrive all year long

as soon as you

have come and gone

I get a little wiggle

with a tingle and a jiggle

when I hear a certain jingle

ring in my ears.

Like a little kid I dream

of the day you come for me

and I know it will be special

the best day to forget about my fears.

But you take so long to come

you’re here and then you’re done

and I wish with all my heart

we could have a little part (of you)

each minute, each day, each month.

Now I know what my friends are thinking

(I don’t blame them one tiny bit)

Yet, I can’t help the feeling

Jesus would really want this.

To spread the love and joy and giving

we spend Christmastime enjoying

to each and every person

each day throughout the year.

Maybe if we were little kinder

a little gentler, a little lighter

then maybe it wouldn’t be so hard

to have Christmastime in our hearts to share.

So, Christmas,

thank you for being here

carols of joy to sing, special stories to read

lights twinkling, merry making

Oh, dear Christmas, how I love thee.



~Marcie Bridges

©4 December 2021



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