by Marcie Bridges, @Marcie_Bridges 

He tried to see who Jesus was. But Zacchaeus was a small man, and he couldn’t see Jesus because of the crowd. So Zacchaeus ran ahead and climbed a fig tree to see Jesus, who was coming that way.  
Luke 19:3-4
I’m just a little nothin’
a speck upon the earth
invisible and slighted
not really much of worth.
So why would God care
about someone as little as me
when there’s so many people
who are more important to see?
Yet, He cares about the sparrow
and He cares about the ant
but He cares much more for hearts
that He created by His hands.
Just because I’m little
doesn’t make me insignificant
He wants to be with me
more than any teeny tiny ant.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©6 August 2017

All Rights Reserved.
He was so excited. Jesus was coming to his town. And he desperately wanted to see Jesus.

There was just this one little problem. He was too short.

As the crowds pressed in around Jesus, Zacchaeus tried his hardest to see. He jumped up and down. He tried to push through. He tried peeking around people. But to no avail. He was just too short.

Then he had an idea! Zacchaeus saw a Sycamore tree up ahead. So he climbed up the tree, found a good sturdy branch, and watched as Jesus came closer and closer.

I think Zacchaeus might have been happy just to watch Jesus as He walked by the tree. But wait! What’s happening?

When Jesus came to the tree, he looked up and said, 
“Zacchaeus, come down! I must stay at your house today.” 
Luke 19:5

Can you imagine how fast Zacchaeus came down from that tree?

We all know this story about how Zacchaeus was not liked because he was a tax collector and then how he came to salvation. But I want to focus on this: Jesus didn’t care that Zacchaeus was short.  Jesus wanted Zacchaeus to know He cares about him. He sees him. He hears him. He is not invisible to Him.

Are you feeling a bit lonely today? Are you feeling a bit left out? Do you feel as if nobody sees you or hears you?

Take heart dear friend. God sees you. He knows you. You are not invisible to Him.

No matter if you are short or tall Jesus loves you and He wants to come to your home today too.

And if you need to, get up high in a Sycamore tree and see if you can find a better view of where you’re at and where you need to go.

From My Heart to Yours,

Marcie Bridges
*Some content excerpted from my blog post over at Moments with Marcie
**Scriptures taken from ©God’s Word Translation (GW) at
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