“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Hebrews 13:8



to think
is the same.
Never wavering
Never ever
the God, our Creator,
of the Universe
the Word
made flesh
the Comforter
inside my breast
is still, and always
will be,
the same.


Who is God to you?


This weekend my husband and I had the privilege of meeting his favorite guitarist, Phil Keaggy. Phil Keaggy’s playing has been such a blessing to my husband who considers him a mentor.


When my husband was newly saved, he very nervously went into his first Christian bookstore to buy Phil’s album out at that time, Close to You. From there, my husband fell in love with Phil’s music and playing styles (and if you listen to how my husband plays, you might just hear a riff or two that sounds familiar.) As you can imagine, my husband introduced me to Phil’s music and my favorite album is The Wind and The Wheat.


Watching my husband share his story with Phil after the concert and the emotion in Phil’s eyes made waiting in line that long line so worth it. I almost cried. It was a very moving moment in our lives.


During the concert Phil played a signature song of his; however, he has updated the lyrics to it. They hit me full force.


“The God who lived in Moses’s time is just the same today.”


He makes this statement a few more times, each time changing the name in it. For example, in the next chorus he sings, “the God who lived in David’s time is just the same today.”


But no matter what name from the Bible we might put in there, the idea and feeling is just the same to me.




Who He was to those who lived in the Old and New Testament, is Who He is today. There is no changing. Or as the old hymn says, “there is no shadow or turning with Thee.”


Sometimes the people of the Bible feel so foreign to me. Ancient of times, decades and millennium’s before I ever came into being, these people walked upon the earth living lives that were recorded for us to learn about and from.


Does that even compute in your brain? It doesn’t mine. Yet, according to the Bible, from beginning to end, God has always been around. He’s never changed. He’s never forsaken us and never abandoned us. No matter what may happen to me or to you, the God of the Bible is still just the same today.


I want this sealed in my heart and seared in my mind. He is the same. Yesterday. Today. Forever.


From My Heart to Yours,



Hey! NaPoWriMo is still going on. I skipped a couple of days while I was out of town with my hubby for our anniversary. But days 2-5 and 8 are up on my Facebook poetry page and Instagram. Come on over and see what I’ve been up to!

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