There once was an orchid quite pretty
As lovely as lovely as can be
She sat by the window
With a book and a pillow
So happy and content was she.
One day came a spider
He sat down beside her
And he asked her,
“How about some tea?”
She replied with a shake,
“I don’t think I can take
Anything of the sort for me.”
He said she was ridiculous
The tea  has been steeped
To a fresh dark brown and so fine
She told him once more
She could stand no more
And to be gone forever and a time.

But the spider persisted in coming around
And every time invited her to sit down
To a nice cup of tea – just one drink –
She refused even a sip
Said not even a drip would be kind.
Until one day she’d had it
She decided to try just one small

Then she saw the spider’s face
How it filled with such glee
And she picked up the cup
Tossed it all on his web
Turned her face to the window
Then she said,
“I’ll have none of your ilk
Don’t want any of your silk
Nor your fancy roasted tea;
Be gone now you spider
Before I conspire
To have you put away from me!”

So the spider he left
Took his silk and his thread
And went looking for another flower so fine
But there was none other
No others were lovelier
Than that Orchid so clever
And shy.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
All pictures by Karen L. Murphy 
These are orchids she has in her own home 
She loves her orchids and her pictures inspired this fun poem 
The spider picture she took just this week while visiting an apple orchard. 

©Marcie Bridges, Heart Thoughts, 2013

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