I’m going to start something new. Each Friday I am simply going to post a poem. Might be fun, might be serious, might be from a friend or just a favorite of mine. So here is the first one… hope you enjoy.


The pants that didn’t fit
put on too small hips
tight around the waist and other parts.

When the pants that didn’t fit
were seated in, they split
and the sides became unhinged
there was no denying it
a change must be in the mix.

Other attempts at clothing failed
and the thoughts of anger prevailed
why did the washer feel compelled
to shrink those pants?

The pants that didn’t fit
what a gall for them to split
how they laugh because they shrunk
and made a fool of everything.

The pants that didn’t fit
they win the battle each time they split
because new pants in new sizes must be spent.

And so the thinking goes
giving into the woes
the pants that didn’t fit
put self-esteem and pride behind
but the new pants smile and laugh
they know one day will come
when they will be
the pants that didn’t fit.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©27, May 2013

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