The LORD replied,

“My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Exodus 33:14



Ghostly apparitions against a blue sky
Seems the very breath of heaven
Speaking in whispers and sighs
And I, I close my eyes
Head lifted to the Son,
with a smile
I soak in Your Presence.

~Marcie Bridges
©18 November 2018


This Thanksgiving I am working on my relationships with my family and friends. But most of all, with my Heavenly Father.


As I drove home from church today I saw these clouds and they reminded me of feathers. They also remind me of ghosts, which then got me to thinking about presence.


I know you may not believe in ghosts and that’s okay. Yet, the idea of a ghost in this instance, is in their presence. Ghosts evoke the feeling of someone (or something), even if it can’t be seen, being in our presence. Most people see them as a scary, bad thing. But with God’s presence, this is a comfort.


The Bible talks about the Holy Spirit being like a breath (Job 33:4). He’s also referred to as wind (Acts 2:2).


So as I watched these clouds float by, I suddenly felt like I was underneath His wing (Psalm 91:4) and He was breathing on me giving me new life and renewed energy to keep going.

This week, I am thankful—grateful—for God’s presence. Because in His presence is fullness and joy.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I pray you will enjoy every minute of this week and feel His abiding Presence in your lives.


From My Heart to Yours,




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