Rejoice in the Lord always.

Again I will say, rejoice!

Philippians 4:4



Fear is not welcome here
worry no purpose or plan
guilt is a bottomless pit
complaints have no gain
and doubt only causes pain.


Why should I speak of
thanksgiving each and
every day? Ahhh… my friend
now there’s the rub
what could it hurt to think
on things of praise?


Take a minute, sit right down
take pen and paper out
write today’s thanksgivings
at least five treasures down.


“Five?” you say?
Oh yes, I think that
that will do just fine
whatever is good, lovely
and pure whatever is
noble and kind.


I see you have them
written and I also see
a most praiseworthy thing
a very peaceful smile
has accompanied your face.


What good is all the worry
what good is all the fear
why not end each day
with a grateful heart in prayer?


~Marcell Warner Bridges
©12 November 2015


Often when we worry or allow ourselves to be anxious over something, we lose our happiness. Our joy. Our smiles turn upside down into frowns. Our foreheads crinkle into horizontal lines and we generally feel grumpy.


Quite a few years ago, a former pastor of mine, Pastor Phillip Voss (he has since passed into Glory), took us through Philippians chapter 4 and I wrote down his outline in my Bible: How to avoid losing your joy.



I want to share his thoughts with you. (Because there are 14 points to this, I am doing this in a 2-part blog).


Before you read the rest of this post, would you please click here to read Philippians 4.


1. Stand fast in the Lord (4:1). This means to let God be your strength. Stand in His strength and not our own.


2. Be of the same mind in the Lord (4:2). Be in unity with fellow-believers. Be helpful to them. Assist each other and encourage each other.


3. Help (4:3). This also goes with point number two. Remember that we all have our names in the Book of Life and assure each other of this promise.


4. Rejoice in the Lord. Always (4:4). Praise the Lord. Even when your circumstances are not what you want them to be, learn to praise the Lord and rejoice in His faithfulness and goodness.


5. The Lord is at hand (4:5). Be aware that the day of the Lord is near. Live your life in moderation and with a clear conscience.


6. Be careful for nothing (4:6). Some translations say, “Be anxious for nothing or about anything”. Do not let the cares of this world trouble you so much you are overwhelmed and consumed by your worry.


7. Thanksgiving (4:6). As you pray in every situation and give your petitions to God, remember to be thankful as you make your requests.



Right now Hurricane Florence is barreling toward my state. My husband asked me if there’s a way he can get through this without worrying so much. It’s easy during times like this to let our fears and insecurities become overwhelming and overshadow everything else in our lives. But as a Christian, we have a great God who can release those fears and give us peace in the midst of the storm if we will let Him.


As mentioned in my poem, it is also helpful to take the time to list a few things you are thankful for. When we list the ways we have been blessed throughout the day, it puts a lightness in our hearts and gives us a sense of joy and peace.


From My Heart to Yours,



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