by Marcie Bridges, @Marcie_Bridges

He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the Lord
and put their trust in him.
Psalm 40:3
Poetry just might be one of those gifts that runs in your blood. My mom writes poetry. Have I ever told you that? But, I didn’t know that until I was well into my adult years. The very first time I was introduced to poetry was in my 10th year of life. Our teacher asked us to write a poem that started with this sentence: I like days… You can read that poem here.

And so it began. My love of putting words together in rhyme. Ahhhh what bliss! What joy! Another poem was born (I am typing it just like I wrote it then with no changes):

Jesus is my Lord and Savior,

My Poetry Binders!

Jesus is my sorrow changer,
Jesus is the one who died
to pay the debt I owe.
Jesus is the one who saved me,
Jesus is the one who changed me,
And Jesus is the one who died
to pay the debt I owe.©1984
From there I began to pour my feelings out on paper. Whatever I was
thinking about. Whatever I was feeling. Whoever I was in love with. I
put it down in poetic form. 

Some are really bad. I mean, we’re talking fire-worthy. But I keep them anyway (above photo is 2 of my binders I keep them in. I need a new one! These are full!). Some of them I’m very proud of.

in high school I began sharing my poetry. We had a magazine called
Scroll and I have several published within their pages. My junior year
was really when my poetry took off though. Our English teacher, Mr.
Andrews (he passed away this last April), had us make a poetry book. We
had to write every single kind of poem there is. Freeform, Haiku,
Limerick, etc… That was so fun! I kept that book. I have it here
somewhere. (Next time I find it I’ll be sure to post a picture.)

Then we had to make a book of poems we really liked and explain them. This is when my mom gave me her book, 742 Heart-Warming Poems compiled by John R. Rice.
If writing poetry is heaven, reading poetry is the next best thing. I
love this book (no exaggeration!). I have read every single poem in it
at least once and some of them lay in my heart like my best friends whom
I cherish deeply like: Lillie Buffum’s “Dad’s Cigar” or God’s Bank Ain’t Busted Yet by Alice P. Moss or All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Frances Alexander. 

runs in the blood. Poetry gives us a way to say the things we are not
sure how to say any other way. Some days all I do is breathe poetry.
Other days I see it in every part of life. God gave us this wonderful
gift of voice. Now more than anything, I love writing about God, His
word, His creation, and His blessings to us through His son Jesus
Sharing is caring. Without poetry, life sure would be an extremely sad journey.

Do you have a favorite poet or poem? 

Will you share them with us below in the comments?  

From My Heart to Yours,

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