by Marcie Bridges, @Marcie_Bridges 

“A word was secretly brought to me, 
my ears caught a whisper of it.”
Job 4:12
I can’t get this phrase out of my mind. I’m not sure what it leads to.

Is it an opening or a closing line? I don’t know yet, but if I don’t write it down, I’ll lose it.

So here it is:

the soft swish, swish of God’s breath
What does that make you think of? Does it ignite any emotion or feeling at all? Does it create a smile or even a thought? Maybe you spend moments just pondering it or wondering what it might feel like to have God’s breath be a soft swish around you?

After the thunder and the earthquake came a still small voice. In the garden His voice was like breathing—just a breeze passing by. Can you imagine it as a soft swish-swish? I can.

 Be still and listen and know
Trust in His everlasting arms
Rest in the cradle of His hands
Be still and feel His love, peace and Presence.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©28, May 2016
All Rights Reserved.

I lay my head upon my pillow thoughts swirling in my mind. “Dear Jesus,” I pleaded, “I have so many things to do I can’t seem to…”

Hush. (He interrupted.)

“But Lord, I need to decorate and get a tree. I need to be cleaning my house and editing. I need…”

Hush. Hush my child. Your mind is consumed with too many things. Just rest.



Cool air like a feather floating on the wind brushed past my face. Slowly I sank into a quiet slumber.

As I woke up, my heart peaceful, I heard it once again within my inner soul:

swish, swish, hush,
 came the voice I’d heard so softly in my sleep
Be still and know. Just trust. I am here.
From My Heart to Yours,

What does God’s voice sound like to you? 


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