by Marcie Bridges, @Marcie_Bridges

All creation is eagerly waiting for God to reveal who his children are.
Romans 8:19*

The fluorescent light in the bathroom has been on the brink of extinguishing for weeks now. Today it finally gave way to death. Death of energy. Death of electricity. Death of a spark to ignite the light.

Today it is a deathly, suffocating darkness in that small room. There is not a window in it to give even a speck of light. The darkness consumes my inner being causing me to gasp in its pitched thick blackness.

A lamp is turned on. A small, red plastic, battery-powered emergency lamp. The bathroom is now lit, however dimly, with one small beacon of reassurance. I look around at the shapes and shadows realizing that in this inky darkness all stains and cracks are hidden.

Until even the smallest light begins to fill this empty cavern spilling truth into my heart: even in the darkness God still sees. He still knows.

My hands find the faucet where water gushes forth to cleanse me of my filth. Water that pours out the blessing. His water, from His side, poured and spilled out with His blood—cleansing, refreshing, renewing.

“It is finished!” He’d cried. The sky so black I’m sure I would have suffocated; trapped in the breathless, still, silence of that moment.

But only a few would stay. Only a few would mourn—staying in that darkness—stunned. Silent. Angry. Hurt. Why, if He was God, didn’t He stop this? Why did He let them kill Him? What was the past 3 years for then? Did we follow blindly a man who truly had no power to save and to heal?

As the light of dawn spilled onto the earth a stone rolls away. No longer is the tomb embedded with death but the bursting forth of glorious light!

A new bulb is in place and everything looks as it should once again with one exception: for weeks the old light had cast a dim glow upon its surroundings. The true colors of the room could not be seen but now in the presence of the new bulb, I see everything clearer. A rich, clean light.

And I wonder if that is what this life truly is. Only a dim reflection of who I really am in Christ until I reach Heaven. A new light. Where I will see with unmasked, unveiled heart (and eyes) the Light of the World in all His glory

Fix your eyes on Jesus
look fully in His glorious face.
The things of this life that haunt you
will wonderfully, suddenly fade.
Heaven will break open in splendor
the clouds will rush away
and all darkness of suffocation will vanish
in the pure light of His amazing grace.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©February 2017

All Rights Reserved.
From My Heart to Yours,
*God’s Word Translation – GW

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