Turn and answer me, O Lord my God!

Restore the sparkle to my eyes, or I will die.

Psalm 13:3 (NLT)


I wished upon a star

Then watched it fall

And I knew that God

Didn’t hear me after all.

Downcast I closed my eyes

And breathed my wish to Him

Then felt it float up and away

To heaven where He lives.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©October, 2018

Do you remember wishing upon a star as a child, hoping it would bring you what you secretly wanted most?


Or how about sending Santa a letter hoping he would bring that special something to you on Christmas day?


Then when your wish didn’t come true or you didn’t get that special thing you wanted more than anything, what happened? You quit believing and maybe even quit dreaming and asking.

I think we’ve all been there. How often do we do this with God? We pray and pray but we don’t receive so we go our own way and maybe even go get that special something on our own.


Lately I have felt too overwhelmed to focus much on Scripture. I have prayed like I’m wishing upon a star more than really seeking God. Then I wonder why I am feeling so far away from Him.


In Psalm 13:3 David implores upon God, “Consider and hear me, O LORD my God;

Enlighten my eyes, Lest I sleep the sleep of death;”


First 5.Org explains this way:


“In Psalm 13, we see how in our flesh we become impatient and believe God has forsaken us. We might echo the thoughts of David and wonder why God has hidden Himself from us.


We might feel like God is far away. But instead of allowing our feelings to lead us, we must remember that our feelings are simply a gauge, not a guide. They give an opportunity to choose God in the moments that seem dark and alone.


Psalm 13 continues, and we go from David feeling forsaken and forgotten, to David showing us what it looks like to choose God and believe His truths.” ¹


Yes I may feel alone. But I am not alone. I am not forsaken nor forgotten. But in order to not feel alone, I must seek the Lord God. I cannot just wish for things to happen or wallow in my sadness or whatever feelings I am having. I MUST go to God and pray to Him.

What should I pray?


Pray God will take away the thoughts that are not good or pure.

Pray God will fill my heart with Him.

Pray for strength.

Pray for God to show me someone else I can help that day.


Reading God’s word is also a way to encourage our hearts when we are down. Write down verses that encourage your heart. Maybe send them to a friend who might need them as well.


God is near to us. He is near to the broken-hearted. Are you feeling far away from Him? Take a breath and breathe a prayer to Him our of a sincere heart. When we seek Him, we will find Him.


From My Heart to Yours,


P.S. Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes as I recovered from my migraines last weekend. Your prayers and encouragement mean so much to me.



¹When We Feel Far From God by Alexandra Hoover. First5.org. Psalm 13-14.


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