The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.

And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

Genesis 1:2


God’s breath

a whispering Spirit

settles upon me

like a cozy mystery

a warm mug of chocolate

and a soft blanket

on a rainy day.

~Marcie Bridges
©14 October 2019


I’ve been drawn to this verse for days now. Mulling it over, pondering its message.


What truly captured my heart are these words: “the spirit of God was hovering…”


Hovering. At first, I thought he was stationary because by its very definition means “to float in the air without moving in any direction.”


But consider how other translations say it… “But the spirit of God was moving over the water.”


Moving. It’s hard to stay still and move at the same time.


Then again, Merriam-Webster Dictionary also defines it as “to stay very close to a person or place”.


To stay close. So, when God sent his Holy Spirit, he sent someone to stay close to us. To hover over us. To keep us calm and lighten our darkness.


Just like an eagle hovers over its eaglets — sheltering them, protecting them — so does the Holy Spirit (Deuteronomy 32:11).


I don’t know about you, but that right there is just so comforting to me. And I smile just thinking about how near he really is to me all the time. Even just a breath upon me.


Yesterday it was raining and I had a window open which inspired me to write the following words, and now that I read it, I love how God gave this to me even before I knew I was writing this post:


The window is open. I sit back and close my eyes. Listening to the rain as it falls outside. It is a gentle, quiet rain. One of soothing, spacious dreams. I cannot actually hear it falling, I only hear how it sings. As it plip-plops, drip-drops upon the ground; yes, that’s the sound. Making its own quiet rhythm and rhyme, a beat of its own kind. I wonder if it hurts to hit the ground just so? Or, if it delights in the fall? I see it coming down and inhale its earthy refreshment. Then I think, of all the wondrous, beautiful creations on God’s green earth is the gently singing of rain on a tranquil Sunday afternoon. And I rest my head upon the couch, listening, feeling the presence of the Lord.     (~MWB, ©10/13/19)


Spirit of the Living God, fall fresh on me. Keep me. Hold me. Protect me. Love me.



From My Heart to Yours,


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