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For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
2 Corinthians 4:6
© Karen Murphy Photography
So I had a migraine with nausea and skipped school for the day. Yeah, I know. I should have at least tried to go. But I felt horrible (driving with a migraine?). 

Sometimes God orchestrates days like that. Days when we can’t function.

I was feeling pretty low. Not just because of my ailment, but just down in general.

Sometimes there are days like that. Days even when the sun shines its brightest but all of the colors still look dull and gray.

Opening my iPad my eyes land on this video on Facebook. I had been so excited and looking forward to seeing this new video from Francesca Battistelli. She had been teasing us with little snippets of it for days and I absolutely love her song, “He Knows My Name”. So, of course, I just had to watch it before doing my devotions. (To understand the rest of my story, please watch the video…)


My first question to God when it finished was, “Who am I Lord to try to encourage others? I’ve never lived their pain. I’ve never lived through these heartaches. These tragedies. Who am I to try to be a light in THEIR darkness? I have no idea what they’ve gone through!”

My mind drifted to so many friends who are hurting right now. Hurts, sorrows and downright ugliness, I’ve never lived. 

Sometimes there are days like that. Days when we question who we are. Days when we doubt we can do what we believed God has asked us to do.

I opened my iPad again and began reading through devotions. Sadly, none of them seemed to help. Then I read the Jesus Calling entry for the day. Okay, that was nice. I like those verses. But, I still felt weighted down with the knowing that I cannot say anything more to my friends than, “I’m so sorry.” “Here, this verse might help.” “I’m praying for you.” No, I wanted to do more. Be more. 

Sometimes there are days like that. Days when you just don’t feel enough.

My head throbbed. I decided to take a break. Of course God orchestrated that too. Because I got onto Facebook and once again, God showed up. I clicked on the first link I saw (please click and go read):


“But God does not measure our brightness by anyone else’s wattage. He simply calls us to be faithful in illuminating the darkness surrounding us by living and loving others to Jesus.”

God simply calls us to obedience. To do what He’s asked and He’ll be the One to finish the job. It’s my job not only to obey Him, but to be teachable. To let Him teach me how to be a light in their darkness.

I went back to my devotionals to journal what I found important in them. 

Sometimes there are days like this. When you have to go back and re-read to discover what you were supposed to get the first time.

Because there was this:

“Always be ready and willing to learn something new. Always be willing to increase your knowledge about your craft of writing.”(From Writer’s Devotions to Go).  
Perhaps we can rephrase that to, “Always be willing to increase your knowledge about…” whatever it is God needs us to learn?

Sometimes God orchestrates days like that. Days that even when we feel our worst, God shows up to teach us the most important lessons.

Proverbs 9:9 
“Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; Teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.”
  © Karen Murphy Photography


Her words etched into my heart
Scars could not keep the wound from hurt
deep, dark pain and misery
spewed forth like blood from a cut artery.
And I sat there helplessly
groping for words to comfort, soothe and ease
but nothing, not one word,
sounded adequate to my own ears and mind
scattered to the four corners
blank as a canvas before the strokes from the artist.
What indeed could I say?
Even Scripture seemed lost and in vain.
How do I help when I’ve never known
never felt, never dealt, never understood their wounds?

Lord! I cry to You!
I want to be a light in their darkness
don’t know how so Lord help me
say the words that will lighten their burden
or maybe just listen
because, does anything really need to be spoken?
God, I plead help me be
the friend I know You want me to
a lighthouse on a hill
beaming a light bright for them to feel
Your love, Your comfort, Your peace
O Lord,
that’s really all they need.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©30, October 2014

~Lord, teach me how to be a light in others darkness. Teach me how to see their pain as You see it and to have the words You want me to say to them. Teach me how to just sit and listen if that is all they need. Most of all Lord, teach me how to listen to You. ~

© Heart Thoughts, Marcie Bridges, 2014

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