I want everyone to know my Jesus

the One who died for you and me

For everyone to have the gift

that truly sets us free.


I want to see my family

all gathered round the tree

To not just give each other presents

but the love and grace we need.


I want to see those hurting

find a peace only God can give

So that on this Christmas Day

Their hearts won’t be so sad and dim.


I want to be the person

that reaches out to those in need

Extends the hand of forgiveness

even when it is not asked of me.


I want my dearest friends

who’ve had the ache of loss

To feel our Savior’s arms

around them through this sorrow.


I want so many things like this

it is hard to make a list

But mostly I want for all of you

A very merry joyful Christmas!


~Marcell Warner Bridges

©7 December 2014




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