This month of October I have chosen to focus on the theme of “beauty”. Just a couple of weeks ago Fall finally made its debut and I think most people agree that Fall and Spring are two of the most popular seasons of the year because of the beauty they bring into our lives. So even amid the days getting shorter and turning dark earlier, Halloween with its dark connotations, I think we can find beauty from it. God’s Word tells us:

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven…He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11 

A Time For Everything
Seasons changing
earth yearning
time moving
a time
of knowing
nothing staying
even in the dead
there is life.
Beauty glowing
wings soaring
in the morning
in the dew
Darkness growing
snow covering
the beauty…truth
you know is beneath.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©1 October 2013

I pray you will find the beauty of life every day in some small way this month as we continue this thought of beauty, not only through nature, but through who we are in Christ, and who we are to others. By the way, the pictures I’ve posted here, as you can see, are all on the same wall. But if you look carefully they are taken at slightly different angles. Why? Because this is ONE picture but as you walk by it, it changes scenery from Spring/Summer, to Fall then Winter. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and my daughter Kaitlyn gave it to me as a present for Christmas. Isn’t it great?! Personally, I think it is just beautiful!

© Marcie Bridges, Heart Thoughts, 2013

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