“Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.’”

Exodus 33:18

Is this You Lord?


I’ve been wondering around in circles

finding my way through a maze;

searching the heavens, searching the earth

calling out to You for days.


In my distress You have heard me

I know this to be true;

but Lord, I ask You this one thing,

show me this is truly You!


With the greatest of expectation

I believe You will do as You say;

You said You’d never leave or forsake me

come Lord, let me feel Your Presence today.


Show me Your glory and power

fill me with Your Spirit I pray;

hide me in the cleft of Your rock

cover me with Your hand


and as You pass by me God

let Your peace fall upon my head.

~Marcie Bridges
©20 May 2019


I am awestruck by Moses’s boldness to God.


In Exodus 33, Moses has gone back up onto Mount Sinai seeking God’s favor after he has destroyed the original tablets with the ten commandments engraved in them. He has gone back to ask God to forgive the Israelites for their adultery and wickedness, and to plead with God to be present with them once again.


Verses 7-11 are an important backdrop to this part of the story. Moses has set up a special tent outside of the Israelites camp called the “tent of meeting”. This is before the tabernacle was built. When Moses would go to the entrance of the tent, all of the Israelites would stand at the entrance to their own, and God would come down to Moses in a cloud to talk with Moses directly. Verse 11, “The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with a friend.” How intimate is that?! Do I have such a relationship with the Lord that He would speak to me as a friend does? (We’ll come back to this.)

While Moses and God are speaking, the Israelites are standing in the doorway of their own tents worshiping God.


This is important. Do you know why? Because God had just said He was angry with them and would not go with them anymore. He calls them a “stiff-necked people”. This term describes a person who is being difficult. They are hard to lead. Yet, they have recognized their sin, and are now ready to let God be their leader and savior once again. And they worship Him.

But what happens next is just simply awe-spiring to me. Beginning in verse 12 to the end of the chapter, we get a glimpse into how intimate God and Moses’ relationship really was. Moses goes back up on Mount Sinai and he pleads with God to come and be present with them again.


He says (I’m paraphrasing), “God, you said you know me by my name and if you love me as much as you say you do; and furthermore, if you are pleased with me, then remember your people and come dwell with us again.”


And God’s response? “The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest’” (verse 14).


But wait! Moses isn’t done yet! God has just said He would do it, yet Moses exclaims, “Now show me your glory.”


“Show me your glory.” Are you that bold? Have you ever asked God to show you His glory? Have you ever asked God for His Presence to be with you so clearly?


I think often we are afraid to have such an intimacy with God. We know we are His friend—His sons and daughters even. But we never quite get to that most intimate place with Him where we can boldly ask of Him to really show us His glory. His power. His might. We want Him to. But something holds us back.


Whether it is fear of rejection or maybe we are just not sure we quite believe He will do what He says He will do, we hold back from Him. We are afraid if we truly let God be God in our lives, He will mess it up.


That couldn’t be further from the truth. What did God do? He granted Moses’s request. God put Moses in a safe spot, sheltered him with His own hand, then made His Presence known to Moses. All Moses saw was God’s back, but Moses knew He had been with the Lord. What God did for Moses, He will do for you and for me.


I am still so awestruck. What must it be like to be in The Presence? So close. So intimate.


Oh God, show us Your glory this week!


From My Heart to Yours,



all photos provided by www.pixabay.com

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