Guest Blogger: Nan Jones, @NanJonesAuthor
with Marcie Bridges, @Marcie_Bridges

It’s Pastor Appreciation Month and my absolute pleasure to welcome Nan Jones to Heart Thoughts this week. Nan ministered alongside her husband in ministry for 31 years and knowing the struggles that pastor’s wives have, she has written a memoir to encourage them in ministry with their husbands. This book not only ministers to pastor’s wives, it ministers to all women. My dearest friend, sister, mentor…

“When His
lamp shone upon my head,
by His light I
walked through darkness.”
Job 29:2


By His Light I Walk Through Darkness
by Nan Jones

Marshmallow clouds melted into a frothy veil of fog along the mountain ridge. The thick white blanket settled softly, blurring the line between heaven and earth. Like dandelion wisps blowing on the breeze, wisps of foggy vapor moved in and out of the forest’s edge — the contrast of light and darkness exaggerated. Spotlighted. Understood.

Indeed, there is a contrast …

       … this mystery of light and darkness. 

The Light of God settles softly upon His child, blurring
the line between heaven and earth. Gentle wisps of His love move in and
out of our lives, contrasting the darkness, exaggerating His presence.
Like the mountain forest wrapped in vapors of foggy light, we walk in
the veil of His glory, wrapped in the beauty of His love.

And I understand.

At last, I understand.

From Our Hearts to Yours,
Nan & Marcie 
Jones is an author/speaker who uses the words of her heart to assist fellow
Christians in discovering the Presence of God in their darkest hour. She is a
monthly contributor to Inspire a Fire and PW Connections, a blog and forum to
encourage pastors’ wives. Her debut book, The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife
released June 30, 2015 by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. This memoir
was a 2016 Selah finalist. When Nan isn’t writing, she enjoys leading prayer
retreats, bible studies or sharing God’s faithfulness as keynote speaker for
special events. You may visit Nan at her website: or her Facebook
ministry page, Seeing BeyondThe Veil. For personal communication you may email Nan at
The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife is available on Amazon,
and Noble
, and LPC Bookstore
Have you been hurt by the church? Have you felt abandoned by God in
the lonely fires of ministry? The Perils
of A Pastor’s Wife
will speak to your deepest wounds and help you find
God’s Presence through it all. Sweet Sister—somewhere, somehow, somebody knows.
You are not alone. 




KNEW where my husband was. I had run from the
business meeting before its completion. Tempers flared.
Tongues were unleashed, and nearly three years of
fruitful ministry were all but destroyed. My heart beat madly
within my chest, fighting desperately not to break from
the pain of rejection. Angry tears stung my cheeks as
I bolted from the sanctuary. I didn’t know if I could continue
in this thing called ministry. God was asking too much
of me.
husband, David, and I had been ministering in the small
rural church for three years. Under his leadership and
the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the church had experienced exponential
growth. God’s mercy and grace flowed into the
lives of our people. Church had become a place of joy, restoration,
and refuge.
Then evil
reared its ugly head.


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