Let’s learn about the LORD. Let’s get to know the LORD.

He will come to us as sure as the morning comes.

He will come to us like the autumn rains

and the spring rains that water the ground.

Hosea 6:3

“Come in out of the rain,” they say,

“you’ll catch your death of cold”

but this rain softly falling

beckons to my thirsty soul.


If staying out here kills me

then I’m one happy gal

because the rain so quietly whispers

secrets only God can tell.


They’re hidden in each raindrop

as each one plinks upon the ground

refreshing all it touches

in its never-ending song, “all is well, all is well.”


Yes, all is well, all is well,

when we’re still before The Well

come dance out in the rain

listen to its soothing refrain …






~Marcie Bridges

©6 October 2021


This is one of my favorite verses. I love the idea of learning about the Lord. Getting to know Him. Kind of feels like two friends whispering secrets into each other’s ears, doesn’t it?


I think God delights in telling us secrets. Just between us friends.


I slumped against my car and took several deep, cleansing breaths while the rain fell. A soft, steady rain. I closed my eyes and felt God whispering to me—assuring me—all is well.


I could hear Him…


“Psst … Marcie, I love you.”

“Hey daughter of Mine, come sit with me. I want to talk to you.”

“Shhh…be still. Be quiet. Let me take your burdens from you.”


And like the falling of the autumn rain, God came and peace washed over me.


My prayer for you, my friend, is you will be still with God. Know Him. Love Him. And most importantly, let Him love you.


You don’t need an autumn rain to find Him. Just a quiet corner in your home or a walk around the block will be the perfect setting to sit with God and get to know the One who loves you more than anyone or anything else in this world.


From My Heart to Yours,

Marcie 🙂



pictures courtesy of www.pixabay.com


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