by Marcie Bridges

 Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him,
And He shall bring it to pass.
Psalm 37:5
I’m curious. Why is commitment so hard? I mean, why is it when we determine within ourselves we are going to be dedicated to something, we give it to God, we start off strong then all of a sudden we give up?

You wanna know what I think? I think we are human. We’re not perfect. Oh, we want to be more than anything.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. I know you do!

Come on, we want perfect bodies that don’t have lumps and bumps. We want the perfect job with the perfect salary. Perfect outfits to match our unblemished reflections. Perfect families with perfect children in a house that is sheer perfection inside and out.

Did I miss anything? I’m sure I could go on but I think you get my point. We strive in life for a perfection we can never achieve because only one person is perfect. The Lord our God.

So in our striving we forget that it takes work to achieve the things we want in life. And in our forgetfulness, we quit because we don’t want to believe that we have failed at something only God can do through us.

You see, just because we give our problems and cares to the Lord or we commit what we are doing to Him, it does not mean we can just expect it to happen. Like one day we place it in His hands and the next day, poof, all of our troubles are gone. 


Even in the valley of the shadow of death
there is a peace that brings forth thankfulness
as Your hand guides and holds us firm
You give hope to the weary and forlorn.
For it’s through the highways and bi-ways
we find the strength to face our fears
when we turn our eyes upon Your loving face
and at Your feet we fully cast our cares.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©17 November 2015

All Rights Reserved.
I really love how Matthew Henry explains this:

“What is the desire of the heart of a good man? It is this, to know, and love, and serve God. Commit thy way unto the Lord; roll thy way upon the Lord, so the margin reads it. Cast thy burden upon the Lord, the burden of thy care. We must roll it off ourselves, not afflict and perplex ourselves with thoughts about future events, but refer them to God. By prayer spread thy case and all thy cares before the Lord, and trust in him. We must do our duty, and then leave the event with God. The promise is very sweet: He shall bring that to pass, whatever it is, which thou has committed to him.” ¹

What have you committed to the Lord and still waiting on Him to fulfill in your life? Perhaps it is time to fully trust in Him with it.

From My Heart to Yours,
¹Matthew Henry Commentary, Psalm 37:5, BibleHub.


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