by Marcie Bridges  @Marcie_Bridges

 “I love them that love me; 
and those that seek me early 
shall find me.” 
Proverbs 8:17


Should I welcome the day with a song of praise
or a sigh of a prayer from eyes asleep?

Can I thank Him for the day ahead as I wake
or murmur a plea for darkness to overtake me?

Did I not make it through another day
did I not rest through a night even in restlessness?

Why do I take time for everything else
give my attention to worries so quick
focus my thoughts on tomorrow instead
and heap ashes upon my bed-ladden head?

Ahhh but the Lord is quick to forgive

He waits for me here with faithful patience
knows my frame, understands I am dust
and He knows I’ll be ready when I must.

Should I welcome my day with a song of praise
or a sigh of a prayer from eyes crusty with haze?

Yes, every morning my lips will rejoice
in thankfulness with a heart of gladness and joy.
I will come boldly before His great throne
and whisper my prayers in a sweet, soft hello.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
© 2015/2016, All Rights Reserved.

I have to admit. Some days I don’t do my quiet time right away in the morning. Some days I don’t do them at all. 
Not for a lack of wanting to. No, most of the time I get started on something else and I forget to do it until later in the day. 
As I was reading a devotion the other morning, this particular paragraph struck me so much I have not ceased to think on it:
“What would an annual summary of my time look
like? Would a review show quiet times with God? Times for serving others? Times
for worship? Times for fellowship with other believers? Would I be pleased with
this summary, but more importantly how would God view my year of events and

It makes me wonder, what does God think of how I have conducted myself this week? What does He think when I go through a day without spending time with Him? 
I noticed on the days that I don’t spend time with God in the morning my day seems to be full or irritation and frustration until I talk to Him about it.  
The Bible speaks often of spending time with our Lord in the morning. My challenge to all of us this week is to take a few moments to spend with Him each morning in prayer and reading His words. I promise, it will start your day off even better than a good hearty breakfast. 

From My Heart to Yours, 
For Further Meditation: Proverbs 8:17, Psalm 5:1-12, 
Psalm 143:7-8, Isaiah 33:2 
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