by Marcie Bridges, @Marcie_Bridges 

I called on the Lord in distress;
The Lord answered me and set me in a broad place.
Psalm 118:5
Jesus beckons me
“Come My little one,”
crawl into My lap
sleep in peace and quiet rest.

Jesus beckons me
“Trust in Me today,”
let Me have your cares
bask in My presence and grace.

Jesus beckons me
“Listen to My voice,”
hear every word I say
in this you’ll make the right choice.

Jesus beckons me
“Come sit upon My knee,”
I’ll teach you what you need
wisdom only comes in understanding.

Jesus beckons me
“Be still and know Me,”
I am God your father
it’s time to trust and believe.

Jesus beckons me once more
“Come and rest My dear one,”
there’s no need to fear
My love is ever near, right here,


~Marcell Warner Bridges
©20 August 2017
All Rights Reserved.

I’m okay. Really, I am.

I know I’ve been quiet. Maybe, too quiet. Not the person you are used to me being. But, I promise you, I am okay.

Thank you for caring so much. Sometimes a person just needs to be quiet. Sometimes the contemplative side rears its head for awhile. And I need you to know, it’s not that there’s a problem; I just need some time away. Time to think. Ponder. Reflect.

Sometimes a person just needs her Lord.

The last few weeks have left me reeling. One thing after another has done me in. I cannot tell you what I am thinking because my mind is jumbled with many, many things. I think I’m coming upon some answers, some decisions, and soon I will give them.

I really don’t expect to come out of this the same as I was before. But I do believe God is doing a work and things will be much better than I can even imagine at this time.

Your prayers are felt and so appreciated. You have given me the truest and most precious gift with your prayers. Thank you for caring, for loving me, and for listening when I have needed an ear or a shoulder. 

Maybe Jesus is beckoning you to come to Him too? To sit with Him awhile and be quiet. Not talking, just listening. If He is, I hope you will lay down whatever you are doing and find a quiet spot with Him today. 

From My Heart to Yours,

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