Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,
who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:17



Excitement is in the air!
Can you feel it? Are you prepared?
Cookies, cakes and candy canes
a cinnamon flavor heaven made
greenery tall with sparkling lights
bring delight to each child’s eyes.
Packages with green and red bows
waiting ‘neath the tree for love
children all snuggled in their beds
hoping the morning will reveal their requests.
Look at the snow! Look at the scene!
Look at the precious Nativity.

Mary and Joseph both sit in awe
the shepherd’s and sheep bow low
Come Thou long – expected Son
King of kings, Emmanuel with us.
Oh how I can’t wait to open the gift
laying my crown at Jesus’ feet
how long must we wait our dear Lord
till the coming of Your Word?
I’m eager to see You, I’m eager to know
when the time will be—in the air we’ll see
Your glorious, enchanting appearing!
How I long for the day
what a celebration we’ll have
I can feel You so near as I wait right here.


Are you ready for this magical time of Christmas? The spirit of Christmas is everywhere. A sense of awe and wonder and anticipation hang in the air. Even when we are hurrying and scurrying around searching for the perfect gifts, or we are weighted down with burdens and worries, there is still an excited energy coursing through the atmosphere. 


For those of us who believe in the returning of Jesus Christ one day for us, we live in the same anticipation. We know He is returning, we just don’t know when. Many people say Christmas is not biblical. But I would have to disagree. We can’t have Easter without Christmas, nor can we have the returning of Jesus Christ without his being born so long ago in a manger. We celebrate our own birthdays (most of us do), why not celebrate the One who saved us from death into eternal life with Him?


From My Heart to Yours,



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