If I die before the Rapture
    bury me under a lone oak
    wear your most colorful colors
    join with the angels singing
    Amazing Grace and Holy, Holy, Holy.

If I die before the Rapture
    picture me in Glory
    I’ll be waiting with open, outstretched arms
    for when you come to join me.

If I die before the Rapture
    write on my tombstone
    “Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend
    loved everyone with all she had
    and more

If I die before the Rapture
    sing in one loud voice
    this one song I loved the most
    my life was lived in this
    ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.

If I die before the Rapture
    remember this one thing
    God is with you all the way
    He loves you more than anything.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©2 March 2014

You never know when something someone else is going through will impact your life and what you think about.  As I mentioned in my last post PASSING a dear family of ours have endured the passing of a very special lady in their family and this has had me thinking about the end of my life. About what I would want for my funeral and what I hope I leave as my legacy. May Jesus Christ be evident in our lives and may we leave a legacy that honors and glorifies Him. 
Featuring Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus by Casting Crowns

© Marcie Bridges, Heart Thoughts, 2014
Cemetery Pictures
© Karen L Murphy Photography, 2014
Hymn Picture
© BridgesCreations, 2014  

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