Jeremiah 32:17  ‘Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.
“I refuse to quit!” I threw my pencil across the room in my rage. I had
taken this math class twice already. Both times I failed. This second time
wasn’t as bad as the first, but still… Voices in my head reminded me of the
people who doubted I could do it. They said, “How many times do you think it
will take you to get the grade you need?” The bigger question became, how many
times was I willing to try? I made the decision – – how ever many times it took
I would succeed! No one was going to tell me I couldn’t do it. So, there I was
once again, sitting in Math 080 class. Third time is charm? Right? YES! I MADE
it so! Then two more semesters of Algebra and I had FINALLY succeeded! No more
math classes! The weight on my shoulders had lifted and I was on my way to
graduating with an Associate of Arts degree. See? I DID IT! 

            I am faced with the
same challenge in a very different area of my life now. This is something I
have tried over and over to accomplish but ultimate success has been extremely
elusive. Yet, I. Must. Keep. Trying. Take the passion with which I conquered
those math classes and use it to reach this new goal. Today I’ve taken my sword
up once more and I’ve gotten back up on that horse. This time is going to be
different though. This time it is going to be just between God and I. This
battle I’m giving completely to God because I truly believe He is the only One
who can really help me do this. Perhaps if I’d let God handle it completely in
the first place I’d have been victorious years ago. But we all leave God out of
things until nothing else works and I’m afraid this is one of those areas in my
life I have done that with. But I am convinced He has forgiven me for putting
Him last and He will graciously help me through it this one last time. 

How many
times have you gone down this road
have you
walked this path
your soul?
How many
times have you circled this mountain
have you
gotten this far
to only
turn back?
How many
times have you tried again
have you started
took two
steps forward
only to
Fear of
of doubt
have led
you here
to where
you are now.
You know
you can do it if only you’ll try
telling yourself , “I’ll start tomorrow”.
It is
time to begin to take a first step
one foot
in front of the other
could be your final test.
worrying stop waiting
believing the lies
You know
you could do it
You just
have to try.
I won’t
tell you it is easy
it might
be quite hard
it might
just be the last time
you will
have to go this far.
When you
finish this task
when you
get to the end
it will
all be over
it will
be worth it.
feel freedom and joy
let everyone know
I did it!
I made it!
you’ll see how it shows!
in, giving up
is so
easy to do
but you
and I know
you must
see this through.
So get
started today
you’ll never regret
decision you’ve made
it will
be your best yet!
Warner Bridges
February 2009


Dear Friends, whatever you have in life that you feel like giving up on,  ask God to help you try it one more time. 

© Marcie Bridges, Heart Thoughts, 2013
Fall Field/Diploma Pictures
© Bridgescreations, 2013


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