by Marcie Bridges

I am the rose of Sharon,
And the lily of the valleys.
Song of Solomon 2:1
As offering plates were being passed my gaze wandered over to the flower arrangement on the communion table.

A table symbolizing Jesus’ body and blood. A table representing a time to remember Him. To dine with Him.

On top of the table sits an arrangement of beautiful flowers. My eyes lingered on the lily.

“He’s the Lily of the Valley, the bright and morning sun. He’s the fairest of ten thousands to my soul,” my heart sang. I picked up the hymnal in front of me and sought out the song. My eyes misted over reading about Jesus’s pure love for me . . . “I have found a friend in Jesus, He’s everything to me”. . . ¹

The words rooted deep into my being. I clung to them. I came home and Googled about lily of the valley to find out they are one of the most fragrant of flowers on earth. Their dainty bells bend over creating a shadow upon the fertile soil underneath it.

I pictured Jesus standing in a garden outside the tomb that morning among lilies white their perfume wrapping around Him. And as His hands reached out to me, that fragrance floated on the breeze and embraced me with the shadow of His love.


Fragrant perfume like none I’d ever known
wafted gently upon the breeze of my soul
gentle to the senses, lovely to the bones
leading me to my heavenly home.

I wandered through His garden so sweet
following the path among the dainty lilies
in the distance, my ear caught the sound
rain gently flowing along the ground.

The lilies they bend toward the floor


bowing their heads to the One they adore
worshiping His crucified form
ornamenting His body with their perfume pure.

He stands in the garden in rays of glorious light
arrayed in a splendour of holy white
beckoning with His nail scarred hands
to come and dine with Him.

Jesus,  Lily of the Valley a most precious gift
sent from God on high to live in us.
Redeeming white as snow our hearts that sin
may we like the lily bow our heads and hearts to Him.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©2 April 2017
All Rights Reserved.
Jesus is my Everything. Not just my Savior. Not just my Lord. 
Not just my friend.

My Everything.

Is He yours too?

From My Heart to Yours,
¹The Lily of the Valley. Words by Charles W. Fry, 1881. Music by William S. Hayes.

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