Matthew 26:36 – 28:10; Mark 14:32 – 16:11; Luke 22:39 – 24:12; John 18 – 20

lead me to the place
where blood dripped from Your face
where You prayed
“Not my will, but Yours”.
lead me to the post
where your body was scourged
where flesh was torn
our griefs You bore.
lead me to the road
where You stumbled with Your load
where splinters probed
under fearsome burden You groaned.
lead me up the hill
where on the cross You were nailed
where blood and water spilled
there my sin was killed.
lead me to the cave
where You shrouded in linen lay
where behind the stone became
victory over death and the grave!
lead me to the place
where tears drip from my face
where Your gift of mercy and grace
pour over me in waves.
lead me to my knees
where my heart bleeds in belief
where your journey to death is stark reality
Your risen form unveils before me
And I weep basked in Your glory!
~Marcell Warner Bridges
©19 April 2014
My mom’s favorite Easter Song and mine too…


Dear Friends, thank you so much for your prayers for me since my last blog post. I can feel them and I can’t begin to  express my gratitude to you. Your prayers have brought me through some of the heaviest work loads I’ve had since I started back to college several years ago. I covet your prayers in the next few weeks as I encounter finals. Thank you and Blessings to all of you this Easter!  ~Marcie 

© Heart Thoughts, Marcie Bridges, 2014

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