by Marcie Bridges, @Marcie_Bridges

You are my
hiding place;
You shall preserve me from trouble;
You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. 
Psalm 32:7


Angels Wings-Drawn by my daughter Alyssa Bridges © 2015

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Breathing in your name
Brings healing and comfort
To our restless frame.
Your goodness and faithfulness
Fill up our senses
Overflowing, overwhelming
Aromas of sweetest pleasures
Horizons too vast for measure
Charmed by brush stroked colors
Birds songs and oceans roar
Echoed in seashells tides.
Underneath Your wings we hide
Your embrace protects from thorns
Surrounding us with songs of hope
Deliverance from worries deep
Inhaling Your presence through pain
Resting as You whisper our name.
Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
In our weakness You are our strength
We trust You, Lord, in the broken place
Abba Father, we give You thanks
Through streams of quiet praise.
~Marcell Warner Bridges
©2015, All Rights Reserved
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Is there a verse in the Bible that just really resonates with you? One that, every time you read it, it fills you with a sense
of knowing? A sense of belonging? Maybe it gives you goose-bumpies or helps you
rest in the arms of God?
Psalm 32:7 is that way for me. It’s a healing,
soothing, calming balm to my soul. It grips me in a way that no other verse
can. Speaking to me as a place to hide my soul within God’s care. 
There’s a sense of trust. A sense of hope. Deep down
where no one else can go that’s where God hides in me. Preserving me from … me.
From life and all of Satan’s fiery darts. 
This is where songs well up from within me. A deep well of
strength from a God Who knows every little thing about me and He still loves
me. He still cherishes me. 
Here is where I know this one thing and one thing alone:
It’s your turn now. What is your go-to verse? What
verse speaks this way to you? 
From God’s Heart Through My Heart To Yours,
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©Heart Thoughts, Marcie Bridges, 2015


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