…for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded

that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.

2 Timothy 1:12



My Story, My Song

Like a lone tree in a golden field

I raise my arms up high

to the splendor of Your greatness

to majesty of Your sunrise.

My feet firmly planted

in the foundation of Your word

roots growing steadfastly

anchoring me to Your love.

And though my leaves have fallen

and my branches sway and bend

I will not faint or break

no matter how strong the wind.

Because I know in Whom I believe

You promise to keep me safe

through all the storms of life

that shake or blow my way.

This is my story, and this is my song,

thanksgiving and praises

to lift up to You all the day long.


~Marcell Warner Bridges

11/1/17, All Rights Reserved.


The rains have come down and the floods have come up. Western North Carolina has seen so much rain this year, to say we are waterlogged is an understatement.


Roads have washed out, rivers overrun banks, houses flooded, mudslide’s and more. We have joked with each other whether or not we have seen Noah’s Ark come through. And if so, could you please send him our way.


Has it ever occurred to you how much faith and trust in God Noah had to have had? According to research, Noah had never seen rain when God asked him to build the ark. Shoot, he didn’t even know what a boat was!

So God told Noah there would be a flood and to build this humongous boat to fit 2 of every kind of animal on and instead of saying, “No way. Not me God. You’ve got the wrong man!” Noah said yes to God.


Noah knew he could trust God and believe in Him to do what He said He’d do, when He said He would do it.


I want that kind of faith. The kind that believes so deeply that the only thing I could do is say yes to God. No matter what. No questions. No, “let me pray about that”. No thinking about it for days before answering. Just. Yes, Lord.

I think I used to be that person. But somewhere along the way I let the naysayer’s have their way and I let doubts creep in. I decided being in control was better than letting God be in control.


Paul says (and I paraphrase): I know who I have believed—trusted—in, and trust Him to do what He says He’ll do. I trust Him to see me through. He has always been faithful to me. I will trust Him alone.



I once asked a precious friend of mine, “Why do you still trust God? After all you’ve been through and you still trust Him.” Her answer? “Because He didn’t put me in this mess. He has stuck by me and been faithful to me through all of it. I know I can depend on Him.”


Noah trusted God so much he didn’t flinch or hesitate to say yes. Neither did Abraham or a whole host of other people in the bible, including Paul.


Am I ready to say yes to God today? Are you?


From My Heart to Yours,

P.S. Looks like everything turned out well for Noah. He got through the flood and he and his family was saved. I wonder what would happen if I let God be in control for once? Hmmm…


All pictures provided by www.pixabay.com


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