Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,

And into His courts with praise.

Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.

Psalm 100:4



Praise the Lord! O my soul!


Your goodness so faithful

Your grace so amazing

Your mercies are new

every single morning.


Your gates are open

for all to enter in

with thanksgiving we

praise You in Your courts

in joyfulness we shout forth

You are God! There is no other!


We are Your sheep,

You our Shepherd

we kneel before You

our King, our Maker.


From everlasting to everlasting

Your truth is our freedom

Your love our comfort

Your name our peace.


We bless You Lord each day

in thanksgiving we sing praise

to Thee—Jesus Christ our King.


~Marcie Bridges
©24 November 2016


I’m missing something. I just know it. I can feel it wayyyy down deep, there’s just something not right. Not in my mind, heart, or my spirit.


I’ve found myself asking God, “How much longer do I have to live through this? How much longer Lord, until there’s some movement in this situation? How much longer Lord?”


Yet, God seems extremely silent to me.


Here’s the thing, though. I have many friends dealing with situations just as hard or harder than mine. My best friend’s husband has dementia and there are other difficulties in her family life. Another friend’s brother is missing. They’ve been looking for him for 9 days. And yet, another friend has stage 4 cancer. While another friend’s health is just out of control.


But do you know what I realized as I read their blog posts and watch their video updates? They’re not wallowing in depression and self-pity. (I know they have their days.)


What ARE they doing?


They’re trusting in God with their whole hearts. They’re leaning into Him, and letting Him speak to them. Today I realized I have not allowed God to teach me through these several years of hardship.

Through all my years of walking with God, I know what it means to trust God. I know what it means to have faith in God. I know what it means to believe in God and believe He will do what He says He will do. I know what His Word says. Yeah, I know.


But, do I truly believe in any of this? Do I really trust God to see me through this?


You know, you can walk through a valley for so long you lose your way and you just don’t care, and I’ve been wandering in this wilderness for far too long.


So today, I choose to thank the Lord for how far He’s brought us. I choose to turn my depression into praise. I choose to listen to God, and find out what it is He is trying to teach me while I’m waiting.


How about you? Are you waiting well? Are you finding a space in your day to thank and praise God?


From My Heart to Yours,
Marcie 🙂

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