by Marcie Bridges @Marcie_Bridges
As for me, I will call upon God, And
the Lord shall save me. Evening and morning and at noon I will pray,
and cry aloud, And He shall hear my voice. Psalm 55:16-17

Just as I am
Holding nothing back
Myself to give
It is all I have
Nothing between us
Not anything to fear
To trust and lean
Upon God to depend
The things I have
I give to Him.
There is much to do
Many places to go
But not without my Lord
My Saviour, my All in All
To Him be the glory
I must surrender all.
There is no other way—

He cannot guide
What He does not have
So all I have I give
Because He loved me
Enough to die and give of Himself
And nothing I could ever do, or give or say
Could be enough to pay back
His sacrifice for me
Except to give myself to Him.
Blessing and glory, power and honor
Be unto the Lord, God Almighty!
~Marcell Warner Bridges
“The entire bottom line reason for prayer
is that God be glorified, that God be revealed in and through us and in that
for which we pray.
“Won’t you join me in prayer?
“Pray when you feel like it. Pray when you
don’t feel like it. Pray until you do feel like it!”  ~Anne
Graham Lotz*

This particular devotion from Anne is about her struggle with prayer. She struggles how to pray, when to pray and praying daily just like you and I do. So take heart, you are not alone. And neither am I in this struggle. 
Try this:
Day 1
  • In the morning start out with just a “Good Morning Lord.”  This helps you acknowledge He has brought you into another day to glorify Him.
  • In the afternoon, maybe at lunch, “Thank you Lord for this food.” This acknowledges you are appreciative of His gift of food for you.
  • At bedtime pray, “Thank You for giving me another day.” Now you’ve acknowledged that He has helped you through the day. 
Day 2 Add a little to each thought
  • “Good morning Lord what a beautiful day it is!”
  • “Thank You Lord for this food and for this job. Help me to be a blessing to others today.”
  • “Thank you Father for this bed to sleep in. I will rest in You tonight.”
With each day and night add a little more to each prayer. AND if between these three times you think about God say a prayer then too. Before you know it, you will not struggle so much with prayer. There are many verses in the Bible that talk about prayer. Look them up and learn how to pray them to God too.
I love her final thought of this devotion so I repeat it again
 How do we fix our eyes on Jesus? Prayer. 
From My Heart to Yours,
Scripture Verses for Further Meditation: Psalm 5: 1-3, Psalm 55:16-17, Matthew 6:9-13, Philippians 4:6-7

*~Anne Graham Lotz, Fixing My Eyes on Jesus:
Daily Moments in His Word, April 8th, page 109
Top pictures provided with permission by Tee-Tee Barnes. All Rights Reserved. 

© Heart Thoughts, Marcie Bridges, 2015

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