“Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before.

But keep a distance of about two thousand cubits between you and the ark;

do not go near it.”

Joshua 3:4



It was three years ago this week I watched my oldest daughter glide across a stage to receive her high school diploma.


And while that was an extremely momentous occasion, this week will be even more-so as my youngest daughter (child) does the same.


One of the biggest surprises for me as a parent is how prepared I was for certain “rights of passage” in these two precious lives when those times actually came.


For the first years of their lives I would say, “Oh my goodness! Don’t even go there! I’m not ready for her to … drive, date, or get a job.” But when it came time for those events, they suddenly seemed natural. Like they were supposed to happen.


So often we fear the road ahead. We become afraid of stepping out and doing what God is asking us to do. But, look at our verse for this week and notice what the Lord says in Joshua 3:4 (and I’m paraphrasing):


Stay a ways back from the ark. Keep your distance because you haven’t gone this way before. You need to be able to see which way to go.



Have you ever been so close behind someone or something you couldn’t see where you were going? Last week as I was taking my stuff to my room at the conference I hung my jacket and blouses up on the cart. However, I couldn’t see around them to push the cart and eventually I had to lay my clothes on the suitcase.


In other words, what Jesus is saying to us through Joshua is, “Follow Me so you can see clearly which way to go because you have never gone this way before.”


But how do we do this?



In Joshua chapter 1 we have this answer. God keeps reiterating this. “Meditate on my words. Keep my commands. And by doing this your way will prosper. Be strong and courageous. I am going with you everywhere you go” (Joshua 1:7-9, 17).



I am so grateful to see my daughter come this far. I know she has a great future waiting for her. But it’s up to her to step out in faith and fulfill it with God’s help.


The same goes for me and for you. Fear not. Be strong and courageous. And go in the strength of the Lord (especially when you can’t see the path clearly ahead and you’ve never gone this way before).




Lord, prepare me.


To see the places You see
for the path You have for me.


Go before me, cutting down
the tall grasses that might hinder
I will walk upon the ground
You have made dry and tender.


As I keep my eyes on You
fill my heart with strength and courage
setting fears within their cages
where the enemy stalks its prey.


And if by chance I falter
take my hand and lead me onward
to the Promised Land You’ve offered
that I may rest in peace and prosper.


~Marcell Warner Bridges
©3 June 2018
All Rights Reserved.


From My Heart to Yours,



Dear Friends, Thank you so much for your prayers for me last week as I attended the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. I can’t begin to express my gratitude as I spent time with the authors and especially for the God moments I experienced along the way. In the next few weeks I will share with you specifically how the Lord ministered to me during this conference. Thank you so very much.


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