Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;

    his love endures forever.

1 Chronicles 16:34


I’ve been working on my new poetry book, Gatherings of a Grateful Heart. For five years I have been writing a poem a day during the month of November. I call it “30 Days of Thanksgiving”. Each day is a poem about thanksgiving in some way. Sometimes it is not as evident in the words where the thanksgiving is, but it is there.


This week, I cannot seem to pick just one poem to share. Here’s a sample of six of the poems in my book (coming soon).


I hope they encourage you and help you find ways to give thanks to the Lord this week.


New Mercies

You never cease to amaze me
Your everlasting love surrounds
Mercies that are new every morning
Grace showers down kisses from heaven
My gratitude is more numerous than the
stars twinkling in the midnight skies
and the yellow sands of the ocean’s tides
I fall to my knees in humble adoration
Lifting my hands in thankful exaltation.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©5 November 2015

Turn To Jesus

Even in the valley of the shadow of death
there is a peace that brings forth thankfulness
as Your hand guides and holds us firm
You give hope to the weary and forlorn.
For it’s through the highways and bi-ways
we find the strength to face our fears
when we turn our eyes upon Your loving face
and at Your feet we fully cast our cares.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©17 November 2015


Counting my blessings
one by one
friends, family, and
home sweet home.
Yet as grateful I am
for all of these gifts
I’m thankful the most
for the love and grace
You give.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©8 November 2017

Just Thankful

is our hearts
gift to God
for all the ways
big and little things
given, received
life’s greatest treasure
grace poured out
beyond measure
there’s nothing better
than a heart
gifting thanks always.

~Marcie Bridges
©3 November 2018


Lord, the day is almost done
and so am I
there’s no way I could have
made it through without You.
Thank You is not enough
but right now
it is all I have to give
as I lay down
to sleep in Your arms in peaceful rest.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©21 November 2017

Simple Love

I love you.
Not the person you think you are.
Not the person you want to be.
Not the person you wish you were.
I love you. The one I see.

~Marcie Bridges
©18/19, November 2018


From My Heart to Yours,

Marcie 🙂


Copyright 2020. All rights reserved on poetry and pictures. No copying or producing except by permission from author.

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