Sleep in Peace ~ A New Year’s Eve Message


Sleep, my children, sleep

I promise you peace

you may be feeling alone

some of you have lost your homes

many of you are worried and scared

I understand your deepest fears

let Me carry your burdens and cares.


Tomorrow you open a new door

to a new year, and new things to explore

while you may feel all is not well

when you trust in Me, I become your help.

One day your sorrows will turn to joy

your mourning will turn to dancing

your darkest night to brightest light

just keep fixing Me in your sight.


Walk through tomorrow’s door with your head held high

Start your new year living in a brand-new light.

I’ll go before you, I’ll be by your side

Just rest in My presence this New Year’s Eve night.


~Marcie Bridges

©31 December 2021


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