Solitude’s Song


Can solitude be wrapped up inside,

          instead of outside?

Not because of sadness,

          but open ears and closed eyes?

Can bees buzzing become

          the fan’s oscillating whirring?

The ocean’s tides be a pile of plush carpet?

How about the river just a washing machines shiver,

the steady kurplunk of raindrops

          be a faucet’s drip … drip?

Perhaps instead of the breeze swishing through trees

          our soul finds solace in a curtain’s tease?

Did lightning flash,

          or is that just the glow of the lamp?

Thunder … a dryer’s hum?

Have you seen a great mountain peak

          turn into a valley

when the clothes have been folded or hung?

Is the hue of the flower the same as a polished finger

          smelling a rose a candle’s glow?

Fire’s rage through the haven of a fireplace

animals growl creaky foundations pleasure?

Darkness of night entranced in sleepless dreams

horror’s fright made exquisite from a staircase gleam?

A garden’s maze is a hallway’s delight

kindred spirits through glass pane’s shine?

Grace is amazing in every day life

not just in the extraordinary details

          of a nature’s plight.

Faith made real on a shiny wood floor

Mercy is shown through an open door.

Love is given through a table feast

Life is a camera captured with the pitter-patter of feet.



In a world of chaos, there is a difficulty in finding a place of solitude. As a stay-at-home-mother, I often found it almost impossible to find a time of respite or retreat. This poem is a look at how to find such a place of peace without leaving home.


If you enjoy this poem, please consider purchasing my new book, Wanderings & Ponderings. These poems are dedicated to the deep-thinkers, the soul-searchers, the wanderers, and the ponderers. Those who both wonder about life and wander through life, pondering our existence and the meaning of existing.


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From My Heart to Yours,
Marcie 🙂

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