Symphonies of Praise



inhales God’s breath

exhales His voice

speaking His words

setting poetry within the soul.


Echoes of thunder

call out from Heaven to heaven

as lightning declares

He will not be moved or shaken.


Glorious blue skies

rays of sunshine

dwell in the peace of His presence.


Boulders shoulder burdens

where mountains rise from simple hills

boasting in His majesty

the heights He will ascend for us

to the valley’s carpet where

His love awaits our footsteps.


Somewhere winds blow

stirring the heart of creation

and as a slow sunrise awakens

the dawning of another day rejoices.


Once again, we glimpse

the breath of the living God

as black turns to light

and the silence of night

enfolds into

symphonies of praise.


~Marcie Bridges

©9 November 2021 (Revised)

#30Daysof Thanksgiving21


“Listen to this, O Job;

Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God.”

Job 37:14


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