To the roots of the mountains I sank down; the earth beneath barred me in forever.

But you, LORD my God, brought my life up from the pit.

Jonah 2:6


You thought you were alone

no one to care, no one to share

just you in deep despair.


You wanted so much

to be free from the dark

where no light could burn.


You cried and prayed

stayed curled up in pain

couldn’t see or find a way out.


But God heard your plea

reached down in the deep

brought you up onto solid ground.


There’s no place so deep

no pit or no sea

God’s reach is not deeper still.


Place your trust in the Lord

take Him at His word

He’s the God of the lost and found.


~Marcie Bridges
©4 February 2020
All Rights Reserved.


Do you have a song that’s become your anthem? You know, that one song that every time you hear it you have to sing along because it speaks so much to something going on in your life at that moment?


Mine change from time to time but right now my anthem is Matthew West’s newest single, “The God Who Stays.”





“If I were You, I would’ve given up on me by now

I would’ve labeled me a lost cause

Cause I feel just like a lost cause.

If I were You, I would’ve turned around and walked away

I would’ve labeled me beyond repair

Cause I feel like I’m beyond repair.”


Heavy words, aren’t they? I couldn’t figure out why they resonate so deeply within me though. I don’t actually feel this way. I know I’m not a lost cause or beyond repair to God. So, why do I cry at these lyrics?


Today, my own words echoed within me. I realized I said them to my therapist just last week, “I feel like everyone has given up on me.”


And, if I were a betting woman, I’d bet there’s something in your life you feel like everyone’s given up on too.


But, the truth is, I’ve given up on me. I’ve decided this area in my life is a lost cause and beyond repair. I’m the one to blame.

The good news — no, the greatest news — is God hasn’t given up on you or me. When we feel so far down in the pit we cannot even see light to climb up to, we can be assured, that’s just our feelings talking. Because the truth is, there is no pit too deep for the hand and love of God to reach.


As I sit here in my pit, I’m realizing there’s only two people who can get me out of it. God and myself. Yes, God can and will use others to help us. But I must totally and completely rely on God to lift me out of it and bring about the change that needs to happen in my life.


Piggy-backing on others just will not do. This must come from a heart change, then we’ll see the fruits of our labor and feel our feet on the solid ground above the pit.


Are you feeling like you’re beyond repair in an area of your life? Give it all to Jesus.


And if you feel given up on, know this: There is a God who stays with you. He fights for you. Join Him in that fight. Quit giving up on yourself.


Not one person is a lost cause in God’s eyes. He’s running to you. Will you run to Him?

“But somehow You don’t see me like I do

Somehow You’re still here.

You’re the God who stays

You’re the God who stays

You’re the one who runs in my direction

When the whole world walks away

You’re the God who stands

With wide open arms

And You tell me nothing I have ever done can separate my heart

From the God who stays.”


From My Heart to Yours,
Marcie 🙂


Listen while you read to Matthew West sing, The God Who Stays. Let it soak into your deepest being.

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