Evening and morning and at noon

I will pray, and cry aloud,

And He shall hear my voice.

Psalm 55:17

I waited for you.

I waited for you in the morning

Hoping you would invite me into your day.

I waited for you in the noon time

Wishing you’d focus on my face.

I waited on you in the evening

Thinking maybe now you’d come to me.

I waited for you in the bedtime

Longing to hear you speak to me.

But you struggled through the day

Worry and anxious as doubts came your way

You didn’t notice anything I’d created just for you.

Overwhelmed you cursed beneath your breath

And by the end of the day you hung your head

When all you needed, it was close as a request

To look up at the stars and the moon

The flowers bright in bloom

A sky so pigmented blue

And you would have known it, through and through,

I am always right here waiting just for you.


~Marcie Bridges
©19, July 2019


Good intentions. We all have them for one thing or another. But, good intentions do not always bring the results we hoped for.


Good intentions are wrapped up in the dream of doing something. Usually it is something noble but sometimes it is just the dream of doing things more perfectly in life.


For instance, how often do we have the intention of getting up and doing our devotions and prayer time first thing in the morning? Then, the next morning comes, and for whatever reason we do not do it. So, what do we do next? Ahhhh, yes. We say, “I will do it at such-and-such time later today.” But later comes, and well, you guessed it. We wind up lying in bed wondering where the day went and how in the world we got through it without having that time with God.


And we wonder why we are in such a bad mood, and everything seems to be going wrong.


The Psalmist cracks me up sometimes. Psalm 55:17 is his lament to God saying, “Evening, morning and noon I will not only pray, but I will cry out to You God.” (My translation.) In the AMP, MSG, and several other translations, they write it as the Psalmist is complaining and groaning to God yet, God is still listening to him.


I am sooooooooo glad God still listens to me when I am complaining and groaning to Him. Which I’ve done way too much of lately.


But, I have a feeling, God would much rather we go to Him in our distress, than to not go to Him at all. God is waiting for us to come to Him every day. He desires time with us and longs for us to spend our day with Him.


Our pastor preached a sermon this past Sunday titled, “The Key to Prayer”. His final thoughts included the following:


Don’t spend so much time asking for things. The purpose of prayer is to declare our complete dependence on God and to acknowledge our need for Him. If all you do is ask, then you’re not praying well. The most important purpose of prayer is my relationship with God and to act on what God is telling me to do.


This week I am purposing to spend more time with God. Not just in prayer. Not just groaning and complaining either. But in reading His word and listening to His voice. He listens to me, I need to be listening to Him too (and not making Him wait for me all the time).


From My Heart to Yours,


images provided by www.pixabay.com


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