Everyone who is called by My name, 
Whom I have created for My glory;
 I have formed him, yes, I have made him.
Isaiah 43:7

(On Your 18th Birthday)

Like a dandelion
you sprouted into my life
from the moment I knew about you
I wanted you…
I dreamt about what you would look like
who you would be, who you’d become.
You’ve grown tall into your womanhood
more beautiful than a sunrise at sea
and I wish with all my heart
you would not have to fly away from me.
But, the path for each of our lives is unique
requiring I teach you to fly
so I am rejoicing as I watch you take flight
soaring into new heights.
Your dandelion’s petals blow softly
landing on other softened earth
spreading your joy to others
as you give your dreams their birth.
My daughter, should you ever need a place
to come back to and safely, gently land
I’ll be right here with arms open wide
My love for you knows no end.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©2015, All Rights Reserved*


I know I’ve said this many times this last week but please, permit me to say it once more.
I have always wanted you, 
I have loved 
being your mother, 
I will always be here for you, 
and I will always love you.
From before the day I found out God had placed you inside my womb I wanted you. I wanted to know what it would be like to have a child inside of me, growing and moving. I loved every minute of those nine months and I’ve loved every minute of the past 18 years.

This last week marked turning points in both of our lives as you have now entered the land of adulthood and we can be better friends now.

I look forward to watching you take flight out into this big old world and seeing where God will lead you and what He has in store for you.

Rest assured that there will be many challenges ahead for you and you will have just as many heartaches as well as joys to go through. The main thing to know, remember and trust in is this:

There will be times when it will feel like God is not there and that this is the loneliest world to live in but I assure you, trust in God, learn from Him and keep your faith in Him and I promise you this (yes, I can promise you this) that God will always ALWAYS be here for you. He loved you even before I did. He loved you as His Son took your sins upon Himself to save you. He loved you before the foundations of this earth was ever made. He will always love you. Learn what it means to rest in His love and to stay in His care. Seek Him first with all your heart and you will find Him.

As you stretch your wings and learn to fly, I will always be a soft place to fall. I will always be here to help you in whatever way I can even when I must use tough love. But even if I have to be tough, it does not mean I don’t love you. It means I love you more than anything in this world!

Learn to be confident in yourself and in your abilities. Learn to trust your instincts and to know when to say “no” to things and to people. Find a couple of friends who will keep pointing you to Jesus and will be the ones who know how to love you no matter what.

You are so beautiful. God made you beautiful. I wish you could see you the way I see you and I hope one day you will. My beautiful, loving, caring, intelligent daughter. 


From My Heart to Yours,

*No portion of this poem may be used or reproduced without permission of the author
©Heart Thoughts, Marcie Bridges, 2015

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