Guest Blogger ~ Emily Wickham, @emilywickhamPH
with Marcie Bridges, @Marcie_Bridges

God leads us to people in such extraordinary ways sometimes. Emily and I met online through my brother’s family and though we have not actually met in person (which is kinda funny since we live so close to each other), we are looking forward to meeting each other here in a few short weeks at an up-coming writer’s conference.  To say I’m thrilled to have Emily as my guest this week is an understatement of great proportion. 

“And we know that the
Son of God has come, 
and has given us understanding, 
in order that we
might know Him who is true, 
and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus
This is the true God and eternal life.” 
1 John 5:20, NASB  
Dear Friends,
Sometimes we plan our words and actions, but the
Holy Spirit re-directs. I love when He does that, which perfectly applies to my
guest post today. I intended to share a different message, but the Spirit
pointed me to this love poem about my Jesus.
Constantly I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness and
everlasting love. I pray these words of mine will resonate with you and
increase our passion for Christ. He is worthy.
In Christ’s Love,


He sits with me, listens—
Reminds me He is near.
In my heart, my life.
Never leaving or abandoning
He remains.
Jesus, my Beloved
The One who lifts my head.
Strong, steadfast, secure.
Never ignoring or forgetting
I am His.
My Savior, faithful Friend
He ever strengthens me.
Life exists in Christ.
Never failing or disappointing
He’s alive.
Do you know this Jesus?
His tender touch, His care?
No one else compares.
Never refusing or rejecting
He redeems.
April 2016
Rights Reserved.


Jesus is my Beloved the One who lifts my head Guest @emilywickhamPH 

Do you know this Jesus? His tender touch, His care? 

My Savior faithful Friend He ever strengthens me True Life exists in Christ

about stirring hearts toward Jesus, Emily Wickham writes for Journey
. She also blogs at, and contributes
material to other publications. She speaks at women’s events and anticipates
the 2016 publication of her book, Reaching
for Righteousness,
Spanish Edition. Emily, a NC resident, welcomes connection via Facebook,
and e-mail.


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