Over the past several weeks I have had several friends share with me things that they need prayer for. Some are pretty heavy things. As I sat here listening to praise music this evening, I began to think about all of these friends and their heartaches and sorrows. I then thought about my complaints lately and I feel so ashamed of myself. How dare I even tread upon such selfish thoughts when so many are hurting with things that I cannot even fathom right now. So as I thought about each of you, I began to write and here is a poem…more of a prayer…that comes from my heart. 


I have a friend who just found out she has breast cancer
Another feels so tired and in need of a rest
There’s my friend who is so overwhelmed with stress
And the one whose marriage is breaking a part.
I have a friend who just broke her foot
Then there is the one who doesn’t know where to go with her work
And another who is trying to make a tough moral decision
There’s a friend who is struggling to pay bills and feed family.
I have a friend trying to get a promotion
Another in need of a break from emotion
And look over there Lord, my friend on her knees
She’s pleading with you for someone else in trouble.

And I sit here and look all around at these needs
I ache in my heart for each and every one of these
I pray Lord for mercy upon my selfish heart
For Lord I’m not going through anything of the sort.
Sure, I have some complaints, some worries, some fears,
I have some things that I don’t know that I can bare.
But when I look all around me and at all of these dear friends,
I know I have nothing that compares.
My deepest, darkest hour that has been spent on this earth
is not even a speck to some of these hurts.
Lord, heal them, protect them, guide them with Your hand
Give rest to the weary and provide for the rest.
The marriage that is breaking and the heart that is aching
Lord give them Your love and Your peace.
As for me, Lord, just please, bring me to my knees
To pray without ceasing for each of these.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
©26 February 2013

I pray each of you will feel God’s loving arms wrapped around you this day and that you will know His peace in the midst of your storm however big or small it may be.  Psalm 40

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