And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,

“This is the way, walk in it,”

when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.

Isaiah 30:21

My fingers sifted through the pictures. Some I barely glanced at. Others I lingered over for long moments cherishing the memory as it played in my head.

They were so little. In this picture newly born, in the next a toddler learning something new. A few pictures later a young girl stares at the camera, eyes bright with laughter in one or sad with emotion in another.

I set one aside to scan into my computer, then another, and another. Soon I have a couple of piles ready to be put back into the memory cabinet or to show to my friends and family on Facebook.

And my eyes tear up. Not of regret. Not of wishing they were still little. But with love. Love and pride.

At lunch with Mark we watch as two mothers sit down with their five little ones and I ask him, “Do you miss them being that little?” He says, “No, I like who they are now. Who they’ve become.” Oh don’t get us wrong! We loved them so much then and we enjoyed their years of growing up. But the young ladies they are turning out to be. Oh my! God is so good.

And now here we are. Both graduated from high school. And our oldest turning 21 any day now.

Where did these years go? And where will the future take them? Oh how I look forward to seeing where they go from here.

It’s exciting to watch them spread their wings and fly.

I’m also excited to see where my husband and I go from here. We, too, have our own dreams to still explore and work on. He will soon look to retirement as I have slowly been moving back into the workforce after 22 years of being a stay at home mom.

Yes, life is a journey and there are always new paths taking us in new places.

I’ve been listening quite a bit to Sandi Patty’s cd, “Le Voyage,” lately. It’s a series of songs based off of John Bunyan’s work, The Pilgrim’s Progress. It’s been years since I listened to this cd but one day several weeks ago I got a hankerin’ for it and I’ve listened to it over and over since then.


An intimate and inspiring chronicle of a triumphant journey of faith.

Her name is Traveler, and she comes from a long line of Sojourners. Accepting a compass from her father, she sets out on her own journey, on the usual path. Her travels take her on a new direction, however, when she meets a faithful Companion who invites her to leave the broad path on which she is traveling. She simply has to choose to go through the little narrow gate waiting in the distance. Traveler does not realize that this choice will take her to new heights of jubilation but also will bring new experiences of desperation and fear. From the amazement of Long Look Mountain to the hesitation at the City of Rest, Traveler continues to learn.

Soon, though, her path changes. Now spinning in the midst of pain and self-doubt, she searches for strength and understanding from her new Companion. Will this new assurance be enough to get her through The Forest of Fears and experience the supposed joy awaiting her at the Homeplace? Traveler must face the reality that to succeed in her journey, she will be forced to endure heartbreak and testing unlike anything she has yet experienced.

Share with Traveler the frightening walk through her personal fears, the soothing balms of the Tenderlands and her necessary ascent up the Last Great Mountain. Le Voyage is a personal reminder of God’s enduring love, penned along the path of righteousness.¹

I wonder, does this sound like you too? I know I’ve stayed in the shadows of fear way too long lately. Cowering in corners, trying to figure out where to go from here.

“Only the power of God can rescue me from myself.”² And if I let God lead the way, carry me through the dark to the light, and keep trusting in Him, I will make it to the places He wants me to be safely and peacefully.

Oh dear friend, are you in a corner? Take God’s hand, and mine, and let’s travel this road together.



Following my best friend
through back roads I’ve never been
leading and guiding me safely
around the curves and bends.
He never ever leaves me
I’m so blessed to call Him mine
a friendship and love made in heaven
for all of eternity’s time.

~Marcell Warner Bridges
All Rights Reserved.


From My Heart to Yours,

¹Patti, Sandi. Le Voyage. Word, Incorporated. ©1993. Audio. (Copied from inside front cover.)
²Nelson, Greg. Farrell, Bob. Forest of Fears. Word, Incorporated/Dayspring Music. 1993.

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