Guest Blogger ~Alan Kemp
by Marcie Bridges, @Marcie_Bridges

met Alan Kemp through our Christian Poets and Writer’s Group on
Facebook. We recently connected as friends. God has truly gifted Alan
with the ability to write poetry that will stir you in heart and soul into
your inner being. I am so excited to introduce you to my friend
and fellow poet. 


Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I
do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

Mark 9:24 



Walking with the Shepherd
So I’m on my way I’ve made a choice,
I took a stand I raised my voice.
I pledged my heart and claimed my faith,
trusting Jesus who took my place.
The WAY is not easy by yourself,
more than endurance it takes God’s help.
So I will let Him raise me, on my knees,
from glory to glory by degrees.
As I stumble He holds my hand,
leading me forth to the promised land.
So many times my flesh resists,
but His endless love still persists.
As I travel through the stony ground
I’m no longer lost but truly found.
From beyond Damascus to Jerusalem,
He removes all fear and man’s confusion.
So now the mountain tops in sight,
I can follow His steps into the light.

A.r.k that’s me
WOW!! I cannot measure the love my heart
contains for my wonderful wife Allison and our amazing children Poppy(20),
Amber (18), and Peter(16) or that of the overwhelming connection and covering of
love from the Lord. You see my heart may be deep and wide but it is only finite
in its ability to express the love inside. 

However God is love, without end,
eternal and all satisfying. His love meets every need and settles every
situation. So why then are we often not content or secure that we are safely in
God’s hands? Faith that is why! No matter how we came to believe or accept the
amazing grace and majesty of Christ, our faith which began even as a mustard
seed is continually growing. As we begin to learn, understand, adapt and apply
our faith we begin to accept, recognise and realise God’s relentless love for
us in our lives.

Often fear of man holds us back. Even if
we refute this…it is still true! Once we realise this fear is real and
consider the strength of our faith through God’s grace in our lives, we can
begin to dispel that fear of man and hear the will of God.


I have often contested my own faith as I
face the many dramas and disasters that the world throws at my life. The
sickness, the financial crisis, the worry and calamity that comes along with
teenage children, or even just the little things like the car breaking down or
a disagreement at work. Pure faith, however, is childlike faith. Fully trusting
in God for everything we NEED in every situation and circumstance. Faith is
being prepared to do what seems impossible, ridiculous, unlikely or
uncomfortable, just like Noah, in the assurance of God’s purpose being
fulfilled as you trust in Him. God the Father is always faithful (God, who has
called you into fellowship with His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful).

You see it is the same with our Heavenly
father as when we were children happily jumping into the arms of our parents
without a question of being dropped. Yet doubt and distrust are signs our faith
is lacking or our fear of man is holding us back. It’s not a question of belief
but of whether we will continually immerse ourselves in Him so that our faith
becomes greater than our fear.

So I pray for
everyone, Lord help our unbelief. Help us to be steadfast for Jesus confident
in our convicting faith, fully surrendered to you as we overcome the world
reaching out in love to others without fear of man being sure of what we hope
for and certain of what we do not see. Amen

Bio: Hi there everyone well I’m Alan (45)
an Englishman living in Northern Ireland with my wife Allison and three
children Poppy, Amber and Peter. I was born again just 8 years ago after my
wife had prayed for almost 20 years for my salvation with total faith in God since
we met at Uni. Becoming a Christian, everyone will tell you is the last thing
they would have expected from me, when I first met Allison one of our first
conversations was debating the very existence of God and the troubles in
Northern Ireland, how Ironic.  Then 8 years
ago the Lord saved me and performed a miracle as I shed my first tears since
childhood. Not long after he called me to write Christian Poetry and much of it
very personal and sensitive too, eventually lead me to share it publicly. I share
the poems on my Facebook page, Poetry From The A.r.k . It still scares me,
exposing my heart my life my faith but I trust Him you see to use it to reach
out to others. God bless

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