“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,”

Proverbs 3:5a



The wind is blowing stronger than it has in days, weeks, months

threatening to knock you over every time you venture out.

The foot you stuck out the door quickly retreats back inside,

inside feels so much safer, calmer, quieter.

Then the wind begins to howl and the house creaks and whines

a cold draft enters and starts winding around your spine

realization dawns, you cannot escape this pit of an existence,

inside does not feel as safe as it used to.


Seems the only thing left to do is to give it one more try

but this time with determination—in hot pursuit—you decide to put on different shoes.

Wrapping a coat around yourself, you hold on to determination with all your might,

outside looks ominous, but you must, you know deep down, you must try once more.

With slow, painful steps feet shuffle to the door

it whips open with a fury and you cower for an eternity

wondering what in the world you were thinking.


Then you feel the nudge of hope once more

so, one foot plants itself outside the door.

There you stand, the wind beating against your flesh

you falter, uncertainty with each first step.

But with each small step comes a freshness, newness, awakening

this is more possible than it seemed.

Hope blossoms and stirs within, and you seek a hand to hold

each breath becomes easier, the path becomes clearer

looking back becomes the impossible task

because now you’ve gone so far, the past is no longer a memory.


A new door awaits

A new step of faith

A new path to follow

Where will you go?


~Marcie Bridges

©11 July 2013/Revised 25 August 2021



I can feel them. Winds of change blowing in my direction.


And I dare not breathe a word of what I’m thinking. Because who wants to say “no” to God?


But my feet are not sure the ground beneath them is solid. I am unsure of my next steps. Yet, I find myself saying, “Whatever you want Lord, I will serve you. I will do this ministry I feel You calling me to.”


I hate change. I loathe it. I’ve never been good with accepting it or moving through it.

In my heart, I know God has my good in it all. Whether it feels good at the time or not, He will make all things good. I just have to trust Him with my whole heart. Through it all.


I admit, there’s a hardness in my heart, wondering, “Why me? Why not someone else?” Somehow I know in my innermost being, this is where I’m being lead and the sooner I accept it, the better it will go.

It will be hard. I know this for sure. But I know when I trust the Lord with all my heart, and lean not on my own self, and as I focus on the Lord through it all, He will direct my every step. (Marcie’s paraphrase, Proverbs 3:5-6)


Will you trust the Lord with your next steps? Will you let Him be the ultimate guide to your life?


From My Heart to Yours,

Marcie 🙂



Special thanks to the contributors at www.pixabay.com for the photos.

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